Actuators in the form of DC motors, stepper motors, bezszczotkowych and many others.


  • DC motors DC motors

    Engines with two terminals on the DC power supply.

  • Stepper motors Stepper motors

    A stepper motor is an electric motor, powered by an electric current in the mode of pulsation. Currently used stepper motors with permanent magnets, hybrid engines and variable reluctance. They can be divided into bipolar and unipolar. Allow to obtain a high accuracy of...

  • Vibration motors Vibration motors

    Engines generating vibration.

  • BLDC motors, brushless BLDC motors, brushless

    It's hard to imagine a world without drones, robots and remote-controlled vehicles that we can send into space, underwater or hazardous area. All of these tools and toys use the engine by which the transmission is transferred to the face. We want to provide You with high...

  • Linear actuators Linear actuators

    Automation & robotics help people in many time consuming actions that require repetitive scheme. It is not surprising that robotic arm replace employees on production lines and during the segregation works. It would not be possible if not for the linear actuators , which...

  • EDF tunnel motors EDF tunnel motors

    The impellers together with the engine and body, are mainly used in molderastwie airport.

  • Pumps Pumps

    Small water pumps and vacuum complete with accessories.

Products by page

Products by page

The future is in small version

They can be found in maszynkach for cutting hair or beards, in the RC models of cars, in dronach, works in the kitchen, and even in refrigerators and automation systems of the apartments. Thanks to them, we are able to convert electric energy into mechanical work, which helps us in easy actions, which include, in particular, opening gates, raising szlabanu, or even kneading dough.

Electric motor , however, has a great potential because it is in a simple, effective, environmental and, above all, inexpensive way that we can work in places such as space (for example, due to łazikom that its mission of strengthening Mars done perfectly) or to explore the territory under water. All thanks to products such as DC motors and brushless motors, which are becoming increasingly popular in the world of robotics and automation.

Electric drives and modern technology

In technology we can observe a steady progress, making tools, daily use products and devices, electronic components are becoming more and more powerful. Of course, the more difficult, the need to search for new structural solutions which make it easier, or even assist in the creation of this system. In such a situation, we adjusted our offer, introducing unusual accessories, which are found in many innovative projects – these include, for example, stepper motors , or motors, vibration motors.

The first group is the motors work in the mode of pulsation. They have found application in equipment designed for measurement, CD-ROM drives and printers. The second group, as the name indicates, are the engines generating vibration – most often found in construction equipment, however, miniaturization and automation will quickly find them a much broader range of duties in the electronics world.