Motor electric AC and DC - In projects that use the phenomenon of rotation or vibrations, is indispensable the use of machines that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. In this task, is best proved electric motors that are present among us in everyday life, many objects - fans, vehicles, ELECTRONICS devices and HOUSEHOLD appliances, electric tools, robots, electric gates, automation budynkowa whether production capacity is one of many applications of electric motors. Depending on the application, should choose the engine for its design and operating parameters. In our offer you will find, in particular, engines komutatorowe, bezszczotkowe, vibration, stepper, and actuators for tunnels , allowing to build a model , fake” aircraft. Select the appropriate voltage. We have a 12V motor and a 24V motor for different kind of projects.


  • DC motors - direct current DC motors - direct current

    DC motors - DC Motors, electrical machines in which the electrical energy from the voltage source is converted into mechanical energy in a continuous rotational motion. The range of engines, direct drive , and in versions with manual transmission, straight, angular, and in...

  • Stepper motors Stepper motors

    Stepper motors are an excellent solution for applications that require high position accuracy geometric layout with a drive through this engine. They can be found in particular in Electromechanical clocks , printers, inkjet and laser, printers, 3D , hardware, ELECTRONICS...

  • Vibration motors Vibration motors

    Vibration motors are based on two technologies - ERM and IRA . The first technology uses asymmetric mechanical load of the rotor mass, which upon rotation of the shaft creates a centrifugal force causing the vibration. The second technology uses a linear cavity, where a...

  • BLDC motors bezszczotkowe BLDC motors bezszczotkowe

    BLDC brushless motor in Accordance with the title, the engine design bezszczotkowych does not require the use of brushes, which in conventional DC motors, provide the voltage for the windings of the rotor through the manifold. In engines bezszczotkowych the winding is...

  • Actuators linear Actuators linear

    Linear actuator - Electric linear actuators are devices that convert rotational motion of the motor into linear motion . Solutions of this type find use in many areas - are used in car locks, electric locks systems, intelligent buildings, agricultural machines, high-tech...

  • Drives, industrial EDF Drives, industrial EDF

    Impressive development of aviation would be impossible without reliable, high-performance jet engines. Although there are models of jet engines for model flying, is their very high price and relatively large size does not allow to use in most cars. Interesting and extremely...

  • Pumps Pumps

    Pump - Many projects require the use of components that allow strictly controlled by directional pumping of liquid or air . However, as we know, improperly maintained electrical appliances, running water can pose a danger to life and health. It is very desirable therefore...

Products by page

Products by page

Engines komutatorowe - simple and versatile design

The simple DC motor, the motor is important, in which the voltage is applied to the circuit of the rotor through the brushes, the sliding element and the rotor - header package created copper plaques. The current flowing through the circuit of the rotor creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field of the fixed stator assembled from permanent magnets. The continuity of the rotational motion and direction of rotation saved by switching the polarity of the voltage of the collector, the current in the rotor circuit, changes its direction, which is reflected in the reversal of the magnetic field between the rotor and the stator. Thanks to the simple design and the possibility of speed control motors komutatorowe especially popular in elektronarzędziach, home APPLIANCES, robots, and systems broadly understood automation. In our offer you will find a wide variety of commutator motors in versions with manual transmission and direct drive and electric drive motor makes the electric defenders.

BLDC is a promising solution among the actuators

BLDC motors unlike commutator motors are deprived of power to the rotor through the brushes. The stator is an electromagnet fed by a constant voltage. The rotor consists of permanent magnets and, depending on design, can be mounted using the stator or to rotate inside the stator. The change in the polarity of the voltage is performed using a static collector, which is based on transistors. The magnetic field of the stator will cause the rotor into a rotary motion by acting with the magnetic field from the permanent magnets of the rotor. Brushless DC motors, it is design with high efficiency, durability and low power consumption while maintaining small size in comparison with commutator motors. Are used, in particular, in motor vehicles, electric fans and air conditioners, ELECTRONICS equipment, as well as in modeling the RC. We invite you to familiarize with our offer engines bezszczotkowych Redox, available in different designs mocowych! Electric motor 12V and 24V.

Stepper motors and vibration - ideal for robots and alarm devices

A stepper motor is a special type of brushless motor, whose rotor does not rotate continuously, but discreet and is supplied with the voltage pulse on the progress. The filing of a single pulse causes a rotation of the rotor one step for which the angle of rotation depends on the resolution of the stepper - the higher the resolution of the stepper, the smaller the angle of rotation of the rotor with each pulse of supply voltage. Stepper motors are used in a broad sense the field of robotics, CNC machines, printers, analog watches and components of cars. Another unique design, vibration motor, which from an ordinary electric motors is characterized in that on the shaft located the asymmetrical load, which under the action of rotational motion and their own weight causes a centrifugal force proportional to enters the engine vibration. Vibration engines are used in most cellular phones, game consoles, indicators of the presence of an electric voltage, and also devices for massage.