Arduino Shield extenders findings

In the world of microcontrollers, built on the basis of microcomputers, very popular among Amateurs and professionals use the Arduino system. Arduino is not only modules, but also necessary for their expansion accessories and expansion modules. Among these modules is very important module Arduino Shield, that is, the expander conclusions.


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UC - Microkontroler
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UC - Core
UC - Ethernet:
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UC - I2C
UC - SPI interface
UC - CAN interface
UC - C/A
UC - A/C:
UC - analog in
UC - microSD

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Products by page

What is the extender insights?

The possibility of universal application of the popular Arduino chips result in large part to their modular design. Designer micro computer starting system design selection the primary (main module), equipped with a microprocessor control, which, depending on the required functions and requirements doposaża in outdoor accessories and extension modules. The most common expansion module Arduino Shield, this expander conclusions. This module as a printed circuit Board or electronic equipment attached to the Arduino pins of the motherboard, which depending on the type of Arduino Shield can be connected on the UART, SPI or I2C.

From bolted connections for robotics

As you already know, Arduino Shield, that is, the dilator of the findings, it is empowering in the Arduino system, which, due to its diversity will help You create and customize your micro-computer for their own needs. The simplest relay findings, the tile is equipped with a screw connection through which the connecting wires to the inputs and outputs of the main unit becomes much easier, and the strength of the connection above. Module connections the screw integrates with the main device via output contacts. If you want to increase the power output of the outputs will be useful the module is equipped with relay, you can control devices with a supply voltage up to 250 V AC and switching currents up to 15 A. For Arduino application in the field of measurements you have available Arduino Shield connectors terminal block, screw connection, for easy installation of temperature sensors, humidity or pressure and resistors for calibration of each measurement channel separately in the case of these latter. Extender insights can also support multiple interfaces such as SPI (modules LCD, LED), IIC (module displays ICD, I/O modules), Micro SD, SD, TLC (controller LED). If you are a fan of robotics, use of the extension module outputs to control actuators on Board which was integrated with the appropriate motor drivers with an output voltage of 12 V and maximum output current more than 1 A.

Extender insights without limits

You have needs that go beyond the available modules Arduino Shield? It is not a problem! Create your own extension module conclusions. In our store you will find extenders findings in the form of printed circuit boards, equipped with all connectors before merging them with the main unit. On the PCB you can create your own, adapted to the needs of the Arduino Shield.