Arduino Shield sensors and sound

Sound is extremely important in both professional and home entertainment applications. Acoustic signalization is very often used in anti-burglar alarms as well as in warning systems that use sensors especially designed to signal the appearance dangerous situations. workshop. In robotics and programmable electronics, sound is not always needed. There are many projects that do not require sound modules. However, the purchase of sound devices (Arduino Shields Sounds) will significantly enrich the scope of use of a given project. With these simple devices you will be able to construct great things – programmable management apps, robots or… singing mobile vacuum cleaners (why not?). It is easy to imagine the importance of sound modules in the case of Arduino. Playing music, playing individual confirmation or negation signals, as well as recording sound using digital technology – all of these are the very important possibilities you can use in your electronic projects. Using and creating sounds will be available, if you buy the selected Arduino Shield sound module. Below we present the best devices for you!


Voltage to
Voltage from
UC - Microkontroler
UC - Flash
UC - Digital pins
Voltage output from
Output voltage to
UC - freq
UC - Core
UC - Ethernet
UC - WiFi
UC - Bluetooth
UC - I2C
UC - SPI interface
UC - CAN interface
UC - C/A
UC - A/C
UC - analog in
UC - microSD

Arduino Shields – enrich your electronic projects with sound!

Adding music or sound effects to your project can turn out to be an interesting variation you will love. Thanks to this you will be able to create the projects you have dream about, and certainly – they will attract the attention of others!

Using Arduino and dedicated Arduino Shields sound overlays, you can play sound files in many popular formats, such as MP3, WAVE or WMA. A perfect example of a device that gives the above-mentioned capabilities is the Waveshare Music Shield VS1053B MP3 overlay. All you have to do is to insert the SD card and therefore you will be able to connect the selected module to the external speakers or headphones. You can also select files to play using the buttons and special potentiometers. Adjusting the sound parameters is extremely simple and intuitive, but on the other hand it gives you a lot of possibilities.

Control the sound freely with Arduino Shields!

Depending on the selected model, you can count on a really huge range of sound modulations. You will be able to not only upload the finished audio track, but also to convert it in the way you prefer. You will program and decide whether the sound should be activated, whether it shouldn’t. Thus, you can easily set parameters such as output volume or gain of individual frequency bands. The MIDI KIT Shield from SparkFun will allow you to build a sound synthesizer and step sequencer. Playing a concert on an instrument you built? Priceless experience!

Just check out our full offer and choose from the dozens of Arduino Shields. If you need a consultation, just contact with us now!

Simple acoustic signaling and advanced IoT projects

With the Arduino Shield sound overlays, you'll be able to design an extensive sensor system with acoustic signaling. The way they are programmed and the goal they are to achieve depends only on you. You can use the presented covers to alert you when harmful gases appear in the air or an electric gate is set in motion.

By connecting the microphone to the shield, you will be able to build an advanced building automation system. These are great opportunities for creating intelligent home electronics systems (Internet of Things). Examples? Build a remote control system for blinds or lighting system. You can control the system without a single contact. If you choose appropriate overlays, you can programme the software in the way that it will be responding to the specific voice commands!

When choosing Arduino Shield, pay attention to the selection of the right equipment that will provide us with very good file quality, both in the process of recording and playing the sound. Our products are compatible with other offered components. The Botland online store offers dedicated Arduino Shield overlays that will help you accomplish most of the tasks described above.