Books for robotyków

Today robotics is a rapidly growing field. Despite the fact that it concerns the latest technologies, it is also worth acquiring knowledge in a classic way. To this end, it is worth reaching for books on robotics presented in this category.

Books for roboticists available in our store are intended for both beginners and those who are already at a more advanced level. Any robotics enthusiast - with more experience or less - will find something for themselves. Such books will allow one to acquire valuable knowledge, and to others systematize and expand it.

In this category you will find books for roboticists and books on robotics for children. They were written in such a way that even the youngest enthusiasts of programmable electronics are able to understand this seemingly very complicated, yet interesting world. It is also worth to mention that a great idea might be learning together and ‘traverse’ the world of robotics with children. It is an extremely effective method of spending your free time with family, during which the kid learns not only creative and strategic thinking, but also useful problem solving skills.

Why it is worth to learn robotics?

What do robotics books teach? First of all, what robots are and how they work!

Although this seems obvious, despite all appearances, books on robotics and for roboticists are really different. In the Botland store you will find a very different range. For example, we recommend publications that will introduce you to the world of drones in an extremely friendly and transparent way. Drones are a great example of modern robotics. Thanks to our books you will learn everything about the construction, control and principles of drone operation. What's more, you'll quickly learn how to take breathtaking aerial photos.

Robotics books available in our assortment teach you step by step how to build your first robot. You will learn how to equip a robot with various functional modules and necessary structural elements such as motors, servos, chassis robots, wheels and other elements.

Among the collected books on this subpage you can also buy books on robotics related to Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Programmable electronics give you the opportunity to construct some advanced Internet of Things system yourself. You can also create a functional or walking robot. What's more, you'll learn how to make the most of the Arduino IDE and learn how to build solar powered robots. After reading the presented books you will know the secrets of wireless control and construct robots capable of working under the surface of the water.

The most popular books on robotics

The assortment also includes titles for advanced people who want to expand their robotics range. In our books you will learn not only how advanced obstacle detectors work in practice, but also learn how to solve energy problems effectively and learn the secrets of even more effective use of engines. Books on robotics from our offer are extremely useful titles, thanks to which the acquired knowledge can be immediately put into practice.

In this category you will find publications that will teach you how to use the Python programming language in robotics. They relate to such issues as the implementation of artificial intelligence, operation and programming of sensors and sensors in robots. We also have books that teach programming in other programming languages, e.g. JavaScript, C, C ++. We recommend, for example, a book written by Rick Waldron - 'JavaScript Robotics', C. Hughes & T. Hughes 'Programming Robots', Eric Cheng 'Drones' and the work of Joseph Lentin - 'Learning robotics using Python'.

Start learning now with Botland!

At Botland, we also offer specialized books and educational materials dedicated to issues such as the construction and assembly of electric motors, microcontrollers and servos. By deciding to familiarize yourself with one of the books in this category, you will gain knowledge on how to give instructions to the robot, you will learn how to program the device properly. You will learn detailed information about the book by going to the selected product card.

It does not matter if you are just taking your first steps in the world of robots or want to further education. Enjoy your shopping! If you have questions, please contact us!