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Books about mikrokontrolerach available in our store, is designed not only for advanced but also for novice people who want to learn new things. We offer the headers, thanks to which usystematyzujesz established and acquired knowledge, and can apply it in practice. In Botland store, you will find records written in foreign engineers who were transferred in an incredibly accurate and precise method, books by local authors with years of experience, written in simple and understandable language. A wide range of books, making the choice of a particular position, adapted to the interests of the reader-no problem. Many of our titles includes a number of illustrated translations, so that even people novice should not have problems with understanding this issue.

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In our product range you will find, in particular, is extremely practical titles on the Arduino platform. A series of sketches and accurate descriptions allows You not only the exact knowledge of the tiles, but you will also learn how to maintain displays, LED and OLED, you will learn the basics of programming necessary for effective use with the Arduino, you will learn how to use EEPROM and Flash and many other interesting things. Books about mikrokontrolerach available in our range will be of interest to persons interested minikomputerem Raspberry Pi. We offer the headers, thanks to which you will learn all about the basics of this device and will generate a number of extremely creative designs, such as smart home, useful weather station, a private server, and much more. Books about the Raspberry Pi available in our store, allow a short time to acquire the skills, even people with no experience through which they will build, for example, a robot controlled via Bluetooth. Illustrated Assembly instructions in detail so that, with a little free time and desire, every project will end successfully. Those wishing to delve into the topic of STM32 microcontrollers should be interested in our books that teach not only the use of network protocols on mikrokontrolerach, but also many practical things related to applications of varying complexity.

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Shop Botland we offer titles from which you will learn all the basic information about the AVR microcontrollers. This kind of book is designed not only for students of technical universities, but also for all people interested in this topic. In addition, there are books about mikrokontrolerach by which you will learn how to program USB interfaces. Moreover, a number of practical examples, making the proposed us names are very popular both among professionals and Amateurs.

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In our product range there are very interesting books, thanks to which you will learn how to program microcontrollers. This type of header is recommended not only experienced, but also beginners who are just starting their adventure with programming. Books about mikrokontrolerach constitute an invaluable source of practical knowledge, due to which make many interesting projects.