Books on electronics

Books on electronics are a very valuable source of knowledge at each stage of learning. Allows not only to systematize the received knowledge, but also create a solid Foundation for further study of this region. In our product range you will find a wide selection of books written, in particular, outstanding specialists with many years experience, not only in electronics. In addition, a very wide range of questions allows you to configure specific books to reader interests. Our assortment includes not only foreign names that were translated in a very accurate way, but also books of Russian authors, which differ in simple and understandable language, even for beginners.

A wide selection of books on electronics

In Botland store you will find, in particular, the title, detailing various projects that you can do yourself at home. In addition, our books teach not only the names and identification of individual electronic components, but also accurately explain the principle of operation, allowing you to create projects more interesting. Moreover, our range includes books on electronics, which step by step explain how to build your own a number of spy gadgets, including devices, providing exact location. This category also includes books about the Raspberry Pi, have learned not only the basics of electronics but also programming and computer science so that the knowledge obtained can be immediately applied in practice. Persons interested in JavaScript will also find in our store something for yourself. We offer books to help you learn how to create code and opportunities to apply the knowledge acquired, for example, a very popular social networks. In our assortment there are titles intended for young artists, through which easy to create, in particular, a remote-controlled tripod for the camera, the thermal engine, the rocket wysokościową and many others. This kind of book is ideal for joint training of parents with children. They learn not only creative and logical thinking, and promotes problem-solving skills.

Other books on electronics

In addition to the previously mentioned titles, the store Botland, you will also find a very practical book, learn how to read circuit diagrams and electronic. Illustrated in a simple form shows the differences between the individual schemes, so that even novice people, should not have any problems with understanding concrete examples. This type of headlines are the best example of what books on electronics do not necessarily have to be boring. In addition, for people who would like to study in detail the principles of operation of devices of daily use such as washing machine, fridge and TV, we also have in stock a few titles that accurately explain any questions related to the functioning of this type of equipment.

Other names

In Botland store we offer a very interesting book that, in practice, show how to build a network using different technologies. In addition, there are books detailing the drivers of the graphic displays, captions explaining the action of the electromagnets, semiconductors, and many other interesting positions. Category books electronics is constantly expanding, so you can constantly deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills.