Books on electronics

Ever since they began to appear, books have always been a treasury of knowledge. It is no different in the case of books on electronics and robotics. Although today there are many books on electronics (and from year to year more and more), it is definitely worth being up to date and equip your home library with some of the most important works.

Books for electronics are an extremely valuable source of knowledge at every stage of learning. First of all, they let you learn new things. In addition, thanks to them you will easily systematize the knowledge you have already gained, and therefore you will have a solid basis for further exploration of the field.

In our Botland store offer you will find a wide selection of books written by outstanding specialists with many years of experience not only in electronics. Books cover various issues, so certainly everyone will find something for themselves. Our assortment includes titles of authors from various countries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our collection of books on electronics. You'll see the products below. Enjoy your shopping!

A wide selection of probably best books on electronics

What would you like to read about? If it concerns electronics, then you will find your favorite publication in Botland 99%!

In this category you can see different publications. You will find publications detailing various projects that you can do yourself at home. The presented books teach not only the names and designations of individual electronic components. These publications thoroughly explain the principles of operation, which makes constructing projects even more interesting. In other words, even if you have already tried your hand at programmable electronics, after reading the recommended readings your projects will become better. You will discover opportunities that you didn't see before.

What's more, our assortment also includes books for electronics, which step by step explain how to build the first robots, spy gadgets, geolocation and DIY projects in the field of the Internet of Things. Books about Raspberry Pi that teach the basics of electronics and programming are also available in this category. You will learn how classic electronics and computer science are related. You will learn what types of programming languages ​​are used in robotics and automation. Thanks to all this, once acquired knowledge can be used for years to create various electronic projects.

Books on electronics that clearly show how it all works

In our offer you will also find extremely practical books that teach how to read electrical and electronic diagrams correctly. Illustrated editions in a simple way show the differences between the individual schemes, so even beginners should not have a problem with understanding specific examples. These types of books about electronics are the best example of the fact that learning programmable electronics is not boring at all.

In addition, for people who would like to learn in detail the principles of operation of everyday appliances such as a washing machine, fridge and TV, we also have several titles in the range that precisely explain all issues related to the functioning of this type of equipment. Familiarize yourself with these materials in order to create some comprehensive electronic DIY projects!

Some examples of books on electronics that we recommend

In our offer you can see many types of books. People interested in JavaScript language will also find something for themselves in our store. We offer books that will help you learn how to create code and the wide possibilities of applying acquired knowledge, e.g. in extremely popular social media. Also check out books for young DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to them, you can easily create a remote-controlled camera or camcorder tripod, heat engine, altitude rocket or simply ... your own robot!

For projects related to Raspberry Pi we recommend a book by R. Santos & S. Santos, as well as Assana Peck 'Raspberry Pi Zero W'. If you're looking for a complete study of electronics, choose the book Cathleen Shamieh (the famous 'For Dummies' series). If you are also fascinated with theory, pick up a publication by Charles Platt - 'Make Electronics'.

These types of books are ideal for learning together. They teach logical thinking and creativity. Choose something for yourself from the list above. We invite you to place orders!