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In our offer you will find a very interesting book for programmers, is designed not only for advanced but also for novice people who put their first steps in the world of programming. A wide range of Botland store does that fit specific themes in accordance with the interests-not a problem. In the range there are foreign books translated into Polish language with remarkable precision and accuracy, as well as relatives of the position of the recognized developers with years of experience in the industry. Thanks to our self-improvement quickly, you will gain knowledge that can immediately apply in practice. The authors describe how, step by step, learn useful skills and a better understanding of the principles governing programming.

Products by page

Products by page

Popular books for programmers

In Botland store you will find records to help you learn programming in the Android system, is currently one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Thanks to self-improvement, you will learn not only how to effectively improve the efficiency of writing various applications, but also on how to develop the user interface, what are the basics of application monitoring and many other useful things. In our offer available also names designed for people who have no experience in programming. Books of this type in a simple and understandable format to explain basic questions such as the loop and show you how to use them in practice. With the help of our books, everyone will be able to write your very first running program. In addition, to explore the secrets of creating video games will find in our range a very interesting title, written by practitioners. Books for programmers that we offer in our store are also learning programming various electronic devices using the Arduino platform. Of names of this type you will learn, in particular, a lot about communication. In our assortment there are also books designed for people who want to learn how to use Python to protect your data.

Learn with us programming

In this category are available the book is intended for students who not only develop creative abilities and learn analytical thinking, and develop skills for effective problem solving. Such titles include ready-made sets for exercises that provide many hours of effective learning. In addition, in Botland, you will find books intended for learning programming in C for beginners, thanks to which you will build a solid Foundation for the further development of knowledge. The range we offer also the items that you will learn how to program robots with JavaScript. This kind of books for programmers written by outstanding engineers, who were the initiators of many extremely interesting projects.

Other names

The proposal Botland there are also items that allow you to create electronic projects using the popular phones and tablets Apple. Thanks to our self-improvement you can learn how to change your device, barometer, gyroscope, and even hygrometer. In addition, we offer books for developers, from which you learn how to use the Arduino platform in many interesting projects from beginning to end you can do yourself.