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In this category we have prepared for you the best selection of books for programmers. Here you will find extremely interesting books for beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers. By purchasing such publications, it will be easier for you to take your first steps in the programming world or to develop your programming skills.

Products by page

Products by page

The Botland store offers primarily automation and programmable electronics, drones and robots. However, we know how much programming skill is related to creating our own constructions. Therefore, we highly recommend educational publications on programming that will contribute to the development of your own skills.

The offer includes books from various authors. Thanks to our books, you will quickly gain knowledge that you can immediately put into practice. The authors describe how to learn useful skills step by step and how to better understand the principles of programming and the way how it all does work.

Popular books for programmers

Programming is a field of the future. At the same time, programming involves a great many different sub-disciplines. Nowadays, saying that someone knows programming is like saying that someone knows medicine. Just as we distinguish between different medical specializations (cardiology, surgery, ophthalmology), so we also distinguish a multitude of fields in programming.

In the Botland store you will find, on the one hand, such publications that cover the topic of programming in a more general way, on the other hand, you will buy programming books from us that cover selected areas. In addition to publications that teach programming in a given language, e.g. C / C ++, you will also find many books related to programming electronics (ultimately that's what we do!).

Therefore, we invite you to read the books on programming in Android - the most popular operating system for mobile phones in the world. This is very important because many robots can be operated via a mobile phone. Thanks to such books you will learn not only how to effectively improve the writing performance of various applications, but also how to design a user interface from scratch, what are the basics of monitoring applications.

We also offer books for people who want to construct Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronics. In this case, by increasing your programming skills, you will develop your technical skills!

Learn programming in different languages in a simple and effective way

This category also includes books for pupils and students of all ages. They develop creativity and teach analytical thinking. Books of this type develop the ability to solve problems effectively.

Many publications have been enriched with ready-made exercise kits that provide many hours of effective learning. In addition, at Botland store you will find books designed to learn C programming for beginners, through which you will build a solid foundation for further development of knowledge. The assortment also includes items with which you will learn how to program robots using JavaScript. These kinds of books for programmers are written by outstanding engineers who initiated many extremely interesting projects.

Thanks to the presented programming learning books you will increase your technical skills that have no programming experience. Books of this type explain basic issues such as the loop in a simple and transparent way and show how to use them in practice. With the help of our books, everyone will be able to write their first working program. In addition, people who want to explore the secrets of creating video games will find in our offer extremely interesting titles written by practitioners. Books for programmers offered by our store also teach programming various types of electronic devices using the Arduino platform. From these types of titles you will learn, among others many interesting things about wireless communication. Our assortment also includes books for people who want to learn how to secure data using Python.

Start learning programming now

We invite you to familiarize yourself with all products available in this category. Featured books also include books that let you create electronic projects using popular Apple phones and tablets. Thanks to our books, you can learn how to turn your device into a barometer, gyroscope and even a hygrometer. If you want to create advanced DIY projects, start with education!

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