The store Botland you will find magazines on electronics is not only experienced, but beginners and people who put their first steps in this field. The MagPi is available in our range is one of the most popular magazines published in the English language, thanks to which you will gain very useful knowledge, with the possibility of immediate use in practice. The magazine is very popular among professionals and people that deal with electronics hobbystycznie.

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In our assortment there are warehouses for The MagPi, from which you learn all the most interesting novelties from the world of Raspberry Pi. In addition, you will learn how to connect different sensors and modules for minikomputera, you will learn how to run old games and what's the best way to connect Raspberry Pi to a GSM network. Moreover, illustrated instructions projects were created so that even novice users with no experience were able to understand each phase of implementation. We offer magazines on electronics also has sections intended for more advanced users, thanks to which usystematyzujesz your knowledge and you will get new skills, like creating games in C++ on the Raspberry Pi, using minikomputera as an extremely useful server create from scratch, games, text and more. Moreover, you will receive information about AI and opportunities to manage selected cameras via minikomputera. We offer warehouses provide information and interesting facts about many projects, so every elektronik will certainly find something for themselves.

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In the world of electronics, everything is changing rapidly, so you should be aware of the news that may use in your project. We offer log where you will find information about upcoming exhibitions and industry events, during which are not only interesting, but also inspiring lectures. At events on electronics you can meet a lot of interesting people who are developing very interesting projects.