Wi-fi card USB

Card wi-fi USB - In this category you can find, first of all, network card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. In the modern world both connectivity standards are the norm in any phone and computer, but there are devices that do not have such modules installed. For example, the wi-fi module USB can be used in mikrokomputerze Raspberry Pi, thus extending its capabilities. The category also includes devices such as WiFi signal amplifier to a wall outlet or DVB-T Tuner, with which you will be able to receive free channels of digital terrestrial television, as well as commodities such as wi-fi adapter USB, antenna WiFI, USB and many other devices sends a wifi signal to USB.


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Wi-fi card USB

Shop Botland offers in this category a wide variety of network adapters wi-fi to connect via the USB port. Most of them takes up little space (size of a USB type A), while other models have an extra antenna (or two antennas), making them easier to catch a weak wi-fi signals network. We also intended for the microcontroller Raspberry Pi a wireless network adapter (module can be used as a wi-fi adapter) - such equipment can significantly extend the capabilities of the underlying device. Most of the proposed equipment is designed for standard, where data transfer rate up to 150 MB/sec, but we also offer the equipment operating at speeds of 300 Mbps and 433 Mb/s. Each card wi-fi USB is designed to work with systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Network card wi-fi USB is a convenient solution that allows to connect to the Internet.

The Bluetooth module in our range

We offer Bluetooth modules take up little space - a device the size of a coin (or the previously mentioned USB type A connector). There is support for Windows operating systems (usually from editing XP up-to-date) and all work with the USB 2.0 standard. Their range depends on the model and the technology used varies from 10 m to 50 m (in open space), and the speed usually is around 3 MB/sec. In the assortment you can find also devices intended for use in the base of the Raspberry PI (Raspbian has support).

Signal booster wi-fi for multiple devices

In stock we have, among other things, a great signal booster wi-fi. Just plug it into a normal socket 230 V, which is in range of a wi-fi network and quickly set up using only the WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). The device will amplify the signal of the router to which it is connected. You can use it also as a standalone router wi-fi equipment has prepared a standard RJ45 socket, which you can easily much more Internet home.

Tuner DVB-T terrestrial TV in Your home

We also offer our clients the DVB-T, thanks to which you can receive free terrestrial television channels. In sets is usually tuner with antenna (WiFi antenna, USB), remote control and software.