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The Wi-Fi network card is now part of the standard equipment of many modern electronic devices. It is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to communicate with the internet through a router. However, if the equipment of our device does not include a network card, then we can additionally purchase such a card as a separate external device. In this category, we offer network adapters that support wireless communication via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. USB remote connectivity modules can be used both with PCs and single-board computers, such as Raspberry Pi, thus extending its basic capabilities, also for using it in embedded applications. The offer of the Botland store also includes devices compatible with wireless communication systems, such as Wi-Fi signal amplifiers, DVBT TV tuners enabling reception of terrestrial TV via a digital signal, as well as Wi-Fi to USB adapters, Wi-Fi-USB antennas, and other auxiliary devices and accessories. We also recommend Wi-Fi modules for embedded applications.


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WiFi to USB network adapters - a great add-on for your computer hardware

A network card is a component that allows data to be received and sent over a computer network. Each card has an individual physical MAC address, which is assigned during the production of the network card in the factory. Our offer includes a wide selection of USB hardware for computers, which also includes Wi-Fi network adapters. A typical solution for USB Wi-Fi cards is the A-type USB plug, compatible with any serially produced PC. Some models of Wi-Fi network cards are equipped with an additional antenna that allows you to pick up the Wi-Fi network signal more easily, especially in places with difficult access to the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi network cards dedicated to the Raspberry Pi are also available for sale - a single-board computer that can replace a traditional PC, and also act as a driver in embedded applications. The Wi-Fi to USB cards offered by our store provide bandwidth from 150Mb/s to 1200Mb/s and are compatible with devices based on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Raspbian OS operating systems.

Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi signal amplifiers and other useful network devices

In addition to Wi-Fi network adapters for computers, our store also offers a wireless communication module in the Bluetooth system. Like Wi-Fi cards, they do not take up much space and are compatible with the USB A-type connector. Bluetooth modules support hardware and software compatibility with Windows and compatibility with data transmission according to the USB 2.0 standard. The physical range of Bluetooth modules depends on the signal strength and ranges from several to several dozen meters in open space. The maximum data throughput is usually around 3Mb/s. We also offer Bluetooth modules compatible with Raspberry Pi single-board computers and the Raspbian OS operating system. The Botland store also sells excellent accessories for Wi-Fi systems, such as Wi-Fi signal amplifiers that are powered from a 1-phase AC 230V / 50Hz mains. The Wi-Fi extender is ready to use as soon as you plug it in - just press the WPS button and the extender will automatically configure. Such a repeater allows you to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal from the router with which it works. Thanks to this solution, the user can easily connect a computer or mobile devices to the Wi-Fi network in places where there is limited access to the Wi-Fi signal at the basic level. The Wi-Fi signal amplifier can also be used as an independent Wi-Fi router, and thanks to the use of a female RJ45 connector, it can work with devices communicating with the Internet via wires. In our store, you can also buy DVBT TV tuners that allow you to receive terrestrial TV signals through an encoded digital signal. The DVBT starter pack does including a digital tuner with antenna, remote and software.