USB hubs

USB-hub - Almost every computer user is ever a situation in which not enough USB ports to connect all the necessary devices. Often must, in the end it is a compromise - for example, turning off the phone is charging on the possibility of using a wireless mouse. USB hubs this way a simple solution to such situations and an excellent opportunity to expand opportunities for desktop PCs, laptopsand microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi.

USB hubs for different wire types

USB Hub is a kind of our base USB (front USB), through which you can easily connect several independent individual devices. This solution works on your computer, laptop, mikrokomputerze or smartphone (instead of the latter, as a rule, you must use cable type USB micro hub) and gives the possibility to connect for example a keyboard or a gamepad, thanks to which the use of games is much nicer. USB Hub (also called the front USB) is a practical and convenient solution for everyone. Also check the active USB HUB is available in several models.

Front USB More features to the Raspberry Pi and save slots

The Raspberry Pi has a limited number of USB ports - ability to use much larger amounts of these compounds is opening completely new possibilities. Having the right tools can easily connect to your micro-computer keyboard to the USB, while remaining connected to the computer. The proposal Botland, you will also find a USB hub in different versions with multiple sockets, where practical separately installed switches. If the device is connected to the computer, you can easily disable the various wires, not consuming slots for this purpose, only the switches and circuit breakers. There is an active USB HUB.

A variety of opportunities from Botland

In our proposal we consider a number of unique solutions from known firms is, among other things, USB hub with switches in various forms, front USB with lighting and with reader of memory cards (SD). We have USB hubs as in versions with, in addition, connected to electricity, like those who use only power supply in the USB port. The so-called active USB hubs can reach a much greater data transfer speed (from passive), thanks to the supply of electricity with a corresponding intensity. Available version compatible with USB 2.0 (and earlier) and USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0 and earlier).