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The keyboard is one of the most indispensable devices of computer technology. Just like a mouse, it is an input device. Our store offers excellent computer keyboards with a cable and USB connector, as well as wireless keyboards. If you want to upgrade your desktop computer's accessories, be sure to review our offer so that you can choose a keyboard model that will meet your requirements, regardless if you need a keyboard for gaming or an office tasks. The keyboards available in our store can work with full-size desktop and portable PCs (notebooks), as well as with miniature single-board computers for embedded systems, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. What's more, the keyboards offered by the Botland store can also be used as a control for tablets and smartphones, and the more extensive models are equipped with a touchpad that perfectly performs the function of a computer mouse and a backlight that increases the comfort of working in places with limited access to light. We offer classic membrane keyboards as well as mechanical keyboards with increased durability thanks to the use of a high-precision system of levers and springs for each key.


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Products by page

Products by page

USB keyboards for everyone!

If you use your computer mainly for gaming, then a great choice for you is a keyboard with built-in LEDs that provide visually attractive and useful key illumination. This is a particularly noticeable advantage when you use your computer in darkened rooms. Gaming keyboards are also characterized by a reinforced design compared to standard keyboards. Users who use a computer as a media player (e.g. movies and music) will appreciate the dedicated keyboards equipped with special function keys, with which you can control, among others to pause and play the movie. Besides, if you use a TV with a very large screen diagonal (e.g. 50 inches) and you want to control its functions from anywhere in the room, it is best to choose a wireless keyboard that will provide you with increased comfort of use. We have also prepared an offer for people who use a computer as a tool for long-term daily work. For such applications, it is best to choose a keyboard with a characteristic curved keys structure, together with a contoured base for the wrists. This solution has a positive effect on ergonomics and ensures high comfort for the user while working with a computer - even for many hours in a row.

USB keyboards with additional functions

The Botland store offers standard membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards, as well as hybrid membrane-mechanical keyboards. Each of the products has been made of high quality to provide the user with the highest comfort of use. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a membrane keyboard, which has the advantage of very quiet operation, or a mechanical keyboard that is characterized by a long service life (up to approx. 50 million cycles per key) and very short response time. According to the device, you can choose a keyboard typically for a PC, a numeric keypad, as well as keyboards for mobile devices. In addition, some keyboards available in our store are equipped with practical additional functions. We offer keyboards with LED backlight, waterproof design, Anti-Ghosting for preventing logging of unnecessary keystrokes and Key Rollover for using lots of keys at the same moment and Win Lock for blocking hotkeys. These functions are especially useful during gaming. The keyboards sold by our store have also been tested for electromagnetic compatibility and do not introduce radio interference that could cause malfunction of electronic devices near the keyboard.

Official USB keyboard dedicated to Raspberry Pi single-board computer

The offer of the Botland store also includes a keyboard for the Raspberry Pi - one of the most popular single-board computers. The keyboard is in a white-red colour scheme. The keys are based on a standard membrane mechanism and the arrangement is very similar to standard full-size PC keyboards. The constructors from the Raspberry Pi Foundation took special care of the high quality of the moving parts. As a result, compared to older versions, the new Raspberry Pi keyboard is much more convenient to use, and the response to pressing a key is much snappier, which positively affects the comfort and efficiency of our work. When buying a keyboard for Raspberry Pi, we also recommend purchasing a dedicated optical mouse, equipped with long-lasting Omron buttons and scroll wheel buttons. The mouse is also white-red and, like the keyboard, is equipped with a cable terminated with a USB A-Type plug, compatible with USB connectors on most Raspberry Pi models.