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Like the keyboard, the mouse is one of the most basic input devices needed for the user to operate the computer. The computer mouse can work with both a desktop and a laptop computer, and the connection of the mouse to the computer can be carried out as standard via a cable or wirelessly using a receiver connected to the USB port. The computer mouses offered by our store are high-quality devices that will provide you with high comfort and ease of use as well as excellent precision of operation, both during gaming, editing documents and other work using a computer. In the assortment of the Botland store, you will find both standard computer mouses with the simplest construction and mouses with extensive control functions in the form of additional buttons. It is a particularly interesting offer for gaming enthusiasts. We also offer sets of mice and keyboards, as well as mouse pads that increase the comfort of use and reliability. Depending on the model, the computer mouses we offer can work with different resolutions, from 100DPI to 4000DPI.


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Products by page

Products by page

Comfort and functionality

Our offer includes excellent-quality computer mouses at an affordable price. The standard design of a modern computer mouse has been in use since the mid-90s and includes two keys and a scroll wheel, usually with a built-in multi-function button. This solution greatly simplifies the use of applications such as browsing the Internet, editing documents, gaming, or operating graphics processing programs. The cheapest mouse models available in our offer work with a resolution of 800DPI ensuring comfortable work in most tasks with everyday use of the computer. An important factor in terms of ergonomics and comfort of use is the physical size of the computer mouse. If you use the computer mainly in a stationary way, in the same place, then a large mouse will certainly be the best choice - the device shape allows you to place your hand firmly and work comfortably with the computer for many hours in a row. Especially worth paying attention to are computer mouses designed for gaming. Unconventional design and additional buttons for increasing the basic functionality are the advantages that allow easy and effective operation. If you want to use the mouse for gaming, also pay attention to the resolution, which determines the precision of the mouse.

Optical mouse - how it works

The design of a modern computer mouse eliminates the presence of moving mechanical elements, thanks to which it has increased reliability. The optical mouse is equipped with an LED that emits light onto the CMOS sensor through the lenses. The CMOS sensor tracks the changes in the exposure and sends the data to the DSP. Based on these changes, the processor calculates the coordinates, speed and direction of the mouse. The data is then sent to a microcontroller which converts the data into two-dimensional coordinates and transmits this information to the computer via the communication port.

Design and ease of use at their best

The computer mouses available in our store differ from each other not only in technical parameters but also in colour and an enclosure shape. Taking these factors into account, you can more easily choose the model that meets your requirements. The computer mice offered by our store can work not only with classic PCs but also with single-board computers equipped with USB A-type connectors, e.g. Raspberry Pi, for which you can purchase an officially dedicated computer mouse, which, like a dedicated keyboard with white-red casing. The right choice of a computer mouse for the kind of tasks you perform guarantees the comfort of use at the right level. The Botland Store offers both standard A-type USB wired mouses as well as battery-powered wireless mouses bundled with a USB receiver. Wireless computer mouse makes it possible to operate the computer even at an increased distance from the central unit, e.g. across the room. The hardware and software of the mouse ensure full compatibility with Windows, MacOS, as well as Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Linux-based Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi single-board computer. For ease of use, the computer mouse has a pre-built Plug-and-Play function, thanks to which, as soon as the mouse is connected to the computer, the software containing the drivers is automatically installed you are ready - you can enjoy your new computer mouse! Our offer also includes a computer mouse with a USB C-type connector, which is used in the latest laptops.