Mouse computer USB

Mouse computer USB are used with personal computers and laptops. Depending on your needs and preferences, in our store we offer models of wireless and wired. The most popular instances of optical are characterized not only high precision and great convenience, but also small size, which is extremely important in the case of using the device while traveling. In our assortment you will find as a budget mouse with basic functionality and more advanced models designed in particular for lovers of virtual games.


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Products by page

Products by page

The types of USB mice

If you are less demanding user, you will find models, offering good value for money and quality performance. The appointment of three main buttons, which makes browsing web pages, use email and basic applications such as text editors are extremely comfortable. In the case of the budget models in our store, the most popular resolution is 1000 DPI, which is sufficient for the daily maintenance of the computer. Large computer mouse on a USB they are more convenient for most users, although, of course, is less mobile. In a situation when the device will be used mostly stable, especially recommended for large models that are better in hand. How to choose the best mouse for your computer? It all depends on the way you use your device. The store Botland there are also versions designed for players who in addition to spectacular design offer extra functionality. Devices of this type include 6, 7, and even 8 buttons, so the gameplay becomes more comfortable and effective. In addition, high resolution up to 4000 DPI, ensures extremely precise movements, which are very important in games like FPS.

A wide variety of models

The range of our store you will find many instances that differ from each other not only technical parameters, but also the appearance and color, so fit the specific model for your needs and preferences, no problem. We offer popular black computer mouse USB white copies, red, seledynowe with green accents, and many others. Many of our models are fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi, so that they acquire additional functionality.

Universal application

In our store You will find a wired mouse equipped with elastic cord ensures comfortable use, as well as wireless, high range and cooperation with all the most popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is also extremely convenient feature of Plug-and-Play ensures easy and fast installation without the need to download drivers, which is especially important for less experienced users. What's more, we also offer computer mouse with USB interface-C, which are fully compatible, particularly with the latest models of laptops.