Computer accessories

Category includes peripheral devices that are necessary for comfortable use of the computer and make full use of the capabilities of each equipment. There are, among other things, keyboards, mice, controllers, games, speakers, card wi-fi and Bluetooth, cables, splitters, network equipment and uninterruptible power supplies. In this section you can find ready sets of peripherals that have been precisely selected angle, technical parameters. Products in this category have different functions that allow you to pick the perfect model of the device to the individual needs of the user.


  • USB keyboard USB keyboard

    In this category are available wireless keyboard (connection via Bluetooth) and wired. They provide a convenient data entry, maintenance and programming of various devices such as microcontrollers (e.g., from the Arduino or Raspberry Pi), desktop computers, laptops, tablets or...

  • Mouse computer USB Mouse computer USB

    Mouse computer USB are used with personal computers and laptops. Depending on your needs and preferences, in our store we offer models of wireless and wired. The most popular instances of optical are characterized not only high precision and great convenience, but also small...

  • Controllers for games USB Controllers for games USB

    Controllers for games on the USB are used primarily for lovers of virtual games. Allow, in particular, more functionality and better utilization compared to a traditional keyboard. Use them as people who very often give yourself to your hobby as niedzielni players. Gamepads...

  • Wi-fi card USB Wi-fi card USB

    Card wi-fi USB - In this category you can find, first of all, network card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module . In the modern world both connectivity standards are the norm in any phone and computer, but there are devices that do not have such modules installed. For example, the...

  • USB hubs USB hubs

    USB-hub - Almost every computer user is ever a situation in which not enough USB ports to connect all the necessary devices. Often must, in the end it is a compromise - for example, turning off the phone is charging on the possibility of using a wireless mouse. USB hubs this...

  • USB cables USB cables

    Cables with USB connectors, e.g., USB - microUSB USB - miniUSB, etc.

  • Computer networks Computer networks

    In this category you will find a network equipment such as routers, switches, amplifiers, wireless network and Ethernet cables cables & connectors network. We offer products, is characterized by good balance of price and performance, so they are used not only breeders-Amateurs...

  • Uninterruptible power supply UPS Uninterruptible power supply UPS

    The store Botland, you will find uninterruptible power supplies UPS and voltage stabilizers and extremely useful batteries do not require maintenance. Our products are characterized by different technical parameters and application, so the choice specific of them is not a...

  • Computer speakers Computer speakers

    High quality speakers to connect to PC and minikomputerami, such as Raspberry Pi.

Products by page

Products by page

Computer accessories

We offer a wide range of external devices to control actions on your computer. There are, among other things, wired and wireless gamepads for games, or for communication with a microcontroller (e.g. for robot control). In our store you can also find computer indicators (including the USB mouse, wired and wireless, air mouse) as well as specialized facilities to them. The range includes a wide selection of keypads for different applications (particularly gaming keyboard or keypad that is compatible with minikomputerami Arduino and Raspberry Pi) in a wired or wireless.

Communication, cabling, power and network devices

In the category of computer accessories, we offer a wide range of products that facilitate the connection of the individual elements and the network connection. Here you can find the wire complete various USB adapters, hubs (hub) USB powered or passive, as well as uninterruptible power supplies, UPS, voltage stabilizers AVR, and the device emergency power UPS + AVR. In this category are also devices and accessories in a network: network adapters, Ethernet cables, USB adapters, allowing remote interaction (WiFi, Bluetooth), signal amplifiers, installation accessories (sockets and skirting boards), power supplies, routers and switches. Here you can find how the device is designed to operate at 2.4 GHz, as adjusted for both frequency 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Audio devices

Our store offers a wide selection of speaker systems and headphones of high quality. The device is compatible with laptops and personal computers, as well as most of minikomputerami (e.g. Raspberry Pi). There are speakers and headphones equipped with a microphone. We have in stock the device in the power network or via USB power from 1 to 9. All models include a standard audio Jack mini Jack 3,5 mm.