Computer accessories

A peripheral device required to service each machine.


  • USB keyboards USB keyboards

    Keyboard wired and wireless wi-fi for computers and minicomputers.

  • USB computer mouse USB computer mouse

    Mouse wired and wireless to computers and minicomputers.

  • USB game controllers USB game controllers

    Gamepads, joysticks and other controllers, wired and wireless for computers and minicomputers.

  • USB WiFi cards USB WiFi cards

    Card for remote communications wi-fi and Bluetooth connected to the USB connector.

  • USB hubs USB hubs

    USB hubs, active and passive.

  • USB cables USB cables

    Cables with USB connectors, e.g., USB - microUSB USB - miniUSB, etc.

  • Computer Network Computer Network

    Network devices such as routers, switches, Ethernet cables type patch cord, and more.

  • UPS power supply UPS power supply

    The UPSs provide energy, with the disappearance of the current in the network.

  • Computer speakers Computer speakers

    High-quality loudspeakers for connection with PCs and minicomputers, eg Raspberry Pi.

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