Cables USB 3.0

Cables USB 3.0

Speaking of wires, the USB 3.0 we have, as a rule, in full view, cable with connector, And the third version, but the USB standard is fraught with much more. Since 1996, when it was announced a 1.0 version, this standard is constantly evolving and improving. We invite you to familiarize with our offer on USB cables, including version 3.0. We are constantly working to deliver You the highest quality products in the lowest prices and our technical Department is at Your disposal in case of any problems.


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The lesson of history.

Officially, the USB standard was introduced in January 1996, but work on it continued for two years. Version 1.0 can operate in two modes Low-Speed and Hi-Speed, but was not allowed to use extension cords. In 1998 appears the version 1.1, which has decided most of the problems known from the previous version. Three years later comes the version 2.0, which in addition to increasing the bandwidth brings new plugins of type B and version mini and micro. After 2007 were presented Cables are USB 3.0 and here we come to the range, currently available on the market.

Version 3.0.

The USB 3.0 cables from the time they start also waited for already two generations, which was renamed to 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 3.1. Entrance for commercial sale version of the first generation allowed to increase the data transfer rate up to 5 Gbit/s, but in addition to accelerating new version has two additional shielded wires in full duplex. The second generation is still largely to increase the speed to 10 Gbit/sec and maximum power of 100 watts. In our store they will get the State of USB 3.0 cables in both generations.

Highest quality.

In our store Botland we want the customers satisfied after the purchase, so that our team, which consists of Amateurs and artists, who each day take care that dostawiali you will Find the highest quality product, and at the same time as the best prices. Our technical Department is at Your constant disposal, in the event of a problem or doubt about the choice to be able to help and advise. Check our State wide offer and join our satisfied customers.