The resonator is a passive electronic elements that are used typically to stabilize oscillation frequency generators, electronic. They are used, for example, during manufacture of the electronic clock (or other electronic device odmierzającego time) or remote-controlled devices that use radio waves to transmit information (e.g., transmitter and receiver for toy car models). The frequency of these elements varies from several tens kHz to tens or even hundreds of MHz in the range of approximately resonators from 32 kHz to 16 MHz. There are components made by SMD technology (surface mount) and THT technology(installation przewlekany).


The quartz resonator is one of the key passive electronic components. Its action is based on the phenomenon of piezoelectric. The main objective of the component is the stability of the oscillation frequency of oscillators in electronic devices. Due to the very high precision resonators constantly uses radiotechnice and digital technology. On their basis it is possible to build a high-resolution timer or a remote control for remotely controlled aircraft. The effect of quartz resonator based on interaction between odkształceniami on the surface of a plate of quartz and the electric field occurs when to feedback generated by the piezoelectric phenomena are typical for quartz.

What do we offer?

The range our store offers a wide selection of quartz resonators. We have elements adapted for installation problems (THT), which easily you can also use the test Board. We provide a wide range of components manufactured in the SMD technology (surface-mount) - they work great, in particular, in projects, in which great importance is the amount of space. In the assortment you will find a SMD quartz resonators at a frequency of 8 MHz, 12 MHz, 16 MHz, in the case of plastic and metal, as well as resonators THT frequency 3,579545 MHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz, 12 MHz, 14,7456 MHz and 16 MHz. We also have a quartz crystal resonator is designed to work in hours, size of 2 mm to 6 mm, which is characterized with the frequency 32,768 kHz. The cost of one item, usually less than a dollar, while no component of this category shall not exceed three roubles.