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USB adapter - This category includes adapters, adapters, power cords and extension cords with the most popular USB connectors (micro USB, mini USB, USB A, USB B, USB-C)and other terminals (for example, for Apple devices with connectors audio-Jack 3.5 mm). These accessories will be useful not only in electronics but also in everyday use electronic devices. In this section there are also sensors designed to measure current and voltage in USB ports - allows quick and accurate fault detection in supply ports (USB).


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Products by page

USB adapter (micro USB, mini USB, and more)

Accessories of this category are widely used in everyday electronic devices, as well as for more complex works. They allow you to connect with each other devices that connectors are not compatible. This allows for convenient power and/or data transmission (depending on model). In this section there are also extension cables (10 meters) - including extensions of the active properties which provide signal transfer for greater distance without loss of quality.

Types of connectors and USB adapter - How to choose?

In products from this category, models are available, equipped with various types of connectors. We offer adapters standard bandwidth 2.0 (maximum speed of 60 Mbps, is also compatible with USB 1.1) and 3.1 (up to 500 MB/s, also compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0). Adapters are available with male and female connectors USB-A, USB-B and USB-C in various sizes, as well as connectors for Lightning (for Apple devices), DC (power connector) or a crocodile. In this section you can find an excellent extension cord for charging electronic devices of different firms (in particular Nokia cell phones and Motorola).

What to look for when choosing an adapter?

The most important parameter is, of course, the selection of appropriate input and output. Also worth checking that the selected cable with in-line data transfer (I think that will only be used for charging). In the case of the extension cord should select the minimum required length, which will allow to minimize the loss of quality of the connection. You can also choose the cable active - this decision will allow the transfer mode for a longer distance without signal degradation.