Wire miniUSB 2.0

Wire miniUSB 2.0

If you are an Amateur photographer, and using your phone you take a lot of photos, you probably know what a cable mini-usb 2.0. Without it anywhere, because you don't want Your photos were on the phone. Sure you have to let them see the light, and copy them to a computer or other media, to be able to cause, or to brag to friends, making a slide show for a family dinner. The mini USB cable is an integral, and undoubtedly the best to date method of transmitting data from digital devices. Because each of us loves to have a ready solution at your fingertips. We provide the opportunity for focusing our range of USB cables of the highest quality.


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The clock is ticking

Don't waste time on lengthy data transfer, which zafundują us in advance the USB cable cables mini-USB. More recently, to transfer data from one device to another, we had enough time so I could watch an entire episode of the soap Opera that was playing on TV. Currently, thanks to the latest technologies that correspond to the users, we can in a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the size transferowanego file to perform this operation. Currently on the market are of high quality and well-modified wire miniUSB 2.0, which we also offer. Who better to take care of our clients, not ourselves?

For each something nice

Depending on what you need, we offer various cables mini-USB. Botland offers cables mini USB 2.0, thanks to which we can quickly pace to transfer data when connected to the computer. In addition, we have short cables with a length of 20 cm, which are used for charging mobile devices, but do not have lines for transmission of data. As if that wasn't enough, for even greater convenience and comfort, you can buy hoses that have a built-in USB HUB that allows you to connect up to three different devices simultaneously. These wires have, for three tip exit:

USB connector type B

- microUSB B

- mini-usb B

Wire from A to z

In this category electronics enthusiasts will also find wire mini-USB of different length – from 20 cm to 180 cm. If you are looking for 2 to 1, then you came to the right place because here you will find the cable that connects the mini-USB and micro-USB. That is, in accordance with the order everyone will find something for themselves. Why complicate your life if in our store you can buy a cable just be what we need.