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Micro USB cables 2.0 is one of the most popular currently of cables used every day. A few years ago every phone was loaded with a different type of charger - today almost everyone has a device to charge via the micro USB port. This type of cable (USB to micro-USB 2.0) has 4 wires, so that can perform both the role of the charger, as the connectors for the transmission of data. Not only smartphones, there are connectors - a lot of specialized equipment that communicates with the micro USB port. A great example is communication in a variety of versions of the Raspberry Pi or Arduino Leonardo. Botland offers customers high quality micro USB wire for various applications.


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Products by page

Micro USB cables 2.0 in online store Botland

MicroUSB cables are widely used - this is due to the ustandaryzowaniu connectors for data transfer and charging smartphones and other mobile devices. Cables of this type are also used in many other devices designed for special applications such as the popular basis of Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Separate the wires, seemingly identical but actually differ greatly. What to look for when buying a micro USB cable?

What to look for when buying a cable?

Before buying a micro USB cable, you should think about how you will use this wire, and on the basis of this information to determine the boundary conditions specifications. In his proposal Botland has a USB cable-micro USB 2.0 different lengths. You should choose the shortest possible option is to minimize the risk of possible interference during data transmission. However, it is necessary to balance the needs and optimize the technical environment. If you are going to use the cable in a place where it is necessary to use a longer cable, don't pick it on the sensor - it may be that you can save a few inches will be a fiasco. Think about what cable has to carry out only the current, if you depend on communication (e.g., between the computer and the microcontroller). Shop Botland takes into account both types of micro USB cables.

Different types of cables micro USB 2.0 in stock

You should pay attention to the opportunity to expand the capabilities of your smartphone. Most modern devices has the ability to connect so-called USB OTG (ON-THE-GO). Such connector enables connection of devices with standard USB port type A. this Means that for a smartphone or tablet, you can easily connect additional peripherals such as a joystick or keyboard, and for fans to spend time on mobile games can be connected to the controller. Our store has in stock also so-called USB hub so you can connect more than one device at a time. We also have the wires in the braid (which protects the cable from premature wear). You can also find leads with spiral cable, allowing the tension that minimizes the risk of damage to the veins inside. Unfortunately, a permanent disconnection and connection of plug-ins often adversely affects the status of the cable. We have a solution to this problem - micro usb cable with on/off switch.