LED strips and chains

Strips with LEDs of different colors. Including digital individually addressable.



Voltage to
Voltage from
Nominal power
LED wavelength
Cable length
LED - type
LED - color
LED - digital
LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
Tightness class:
LED lens
Energy class

Products by page

Products by page

The chain of LEDS in each modern apartment

You want to emphasize in the bathrooms, the furniture in the bedroom or spice up the car's interior lighting? In this case, the LED strip will meet all Your expectations. Aranżerzy interiors and tuning fans happy to use them in the design of modern apartments and cars. LEDs are characterized by a very high power, so use them in a car or building, can significantly reduce the load or electric system.

The chain and matrix LED offered in our store, also can be used in the manufacture of very complex structures or panels, information and measuring devices. Thanks to them, you can create displays, instant messaging and more! Have you heard of smart clothes or jewelry? If not, then it is certainly worth to do the homework.

The necessary accessories for Your designs

Even simple indicators of battery level require elements such as microcontrollers. All should be combined with each other by means of wires and connectors are high quality, to provide users with satisfactory performance. In our shop everyone will find the equipment you need when designing lighting systems using LED technology.

In there are also power supplies for LED panels and drivers, allowing to adjust the color, intensity and even the displayed picture. If you need help in choosing a range, for expectations, we encourage you to contact our crew. We are fans of automation, electronics and robotics for many years, so we will be happy to reply to Your messages and together we will find solutions that provide the perfect balance of price and quality.