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LED strips and strings are one of the most interesting solutions for energy-efficient lighting used today in households and apartments, public spaces, restaurants, shops and shopping centers. They can serve both practical as well as decorative functions, often combining them both, making them a common choice for modern interiors. LED strips can be of any length, we can easily adjust them to the specific area we want to illuminate. The diodes emit white light, but also colored light. We can equip the system with drivers and controllers, which will allow you to create lighting scenes and manage the light. A huge advantage of LED technology is its energy efficiency, which is one of those factors that have a key impact on the increasing choice of this solution. Moreover, the diodes emit very little heat, which makes them very well suited for close contact with heat-sensitive materials. LED strips and strings are available in different variants in Botland. Furthermore, we offer numerous accessories for light control and management.


  • LED strip standard LED strip standard

    LED strip standard When the engineer Holonyaka nick Jr. to develop the led indicator did not expect that will gain such popularity. From 1 September 2018, it is a question of popularity. The European Union enacts laws prohibiting the sale of halogen lamps. This element of...

  • LED strip addressed LED strip addressed

    LED strip addressed Is considered the inventor of the led elektroluminescencyjnej engineer nick Holonyaka Junior could not assume that they will reach such popularity. However, since it has been many hours, days and years. Currently available LED technology is the European...

  • The chain and matrix LED The chain and matrix LED

    Manual design matrix LED-it's certainly an ambitious project, burdened with a large risk of errors. First and foremost, is the soldering between individual LEDs and resistors and then combined them in rows and columns forming a matrix of LEDS and connections of the control...

  • Drivers for LED strips and panels Drivers for LED strips and panels

    LED technology has become so widespread in the lighting industry that it is difficult to imagine today an effective and energy-efficient lighting system without LEDs and all the luminaires in which they are used. Therefore, it can be concluded that LED lighting is no longer a...

  • Accessories for belts and tapes LED Accessories for belts and tapes LED

    Accessories for belts and tapes LED Thinking about interesting interior decoration, you can't forget about the inspirational lighting. One of the most popular methods to highlight interesting projects is the use of LED technology, but rather, strips and strips of led, which...

  • Power supplies for LED panels Power supplies for LED panels

    Adapters for mounting the power panels of LEDs.


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Products by page

Products by page

Standard and addressable LED strips. Which ones to choose?

LED strips vary in design, which also determines their purpose. Among the available solutions there are simple LED strips, which are willingly chosen wherever we want to obtain scattered light on a relatively large area. In addition, we can take into account the color temperature and color of light, not only white, but also another from a wide range of colors. Standard LED strips are characterized by easy installation. They do not require any additional accessories, as one of the surfaces is covered with a self-adhesive layer. Simply cut the strip to the right length, then connect it to the power supply or controller and stick it in the designated area. The strips are modular in design, so they are divided into several areas of several centimetres in length, making it easy to determine the right length. Connecting the power supply and the controller is also not a complicated task as the strips are supplemented with special clamp collectors.

An alternative to the standard LED strips is the addressable LED strips. Simple solutions are great for interior decoration, but it is not possible to use them to achieve the effect of movement and manage the light colour for each piece of the strip separately. For this reason, addressable LED strips were created, consisting of special RGB LEDs and a built-in digital controller. This allows you to use only one line of GPIO microcontroller to operate the whole strip. These strips are also characterized by original lighting effects, so that they meet the tastes of the most demanding users. They are perfect not only for residential interiors, but also for restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, where the visual aspects have a huge impact on the customer's feedback.

Where to use LED strips?

LED strips are ideal for residential and commercial spaces. They are used in kitchens as lining. They are used to better illuminate the worktop and thus increase the comfort of preparing meals. It is also one of the ways to light up your wardrobe and wardrobe, which makes it easier to find the things you are looking for and maintain order. We will also use LED strips to light up cabinets and shelves in the living room, creating an atmospheric atmosphere in the room. We can install them on the occasion of a suspended ceiling. LED strips, especially with colorful diodes, are also a great choice for the children's room.

Let's not forget about public buildings. We can decorate a restaurant, cafés and bars with LED strips. Moreover, we can give an interesting atmosphere to hotels and apartments. We will install them at the bar, reception, but also in the rest areas or even guest rooms as an additional visual aspect.

Create your own lighting system using the LED strips you can find in our offer. Choose the right mounting accessories as well as drivers and power supplies to create impressive lighting scenes.