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Electronics and robotics are areas that are constantly evolving, to which stakeholders, people experimenting and creating new systems, solutions and devices contribute. The same is true of their equipment, which varies according to the scope of operation and level of sophistication and experience of the DIY enthusiast. There are, however, tools and accessories that are worth having in your tool case and workshop, because they are useful in practically every electronic work and ensure work safety. In professional studios, some of them are a requirement, which is related to health and safety rules, which should be thoroughly familiarized with. This applies primarily to clothing and elements protecting individual parts of the body, such as hands on which we put gloves. In Botland's offer you will find not only power tools and small, but extremely important accessories for precision work. It also includes paints and varnishes, work lights and safety clothing. We have, among others, string bags, knives and scissors once markers. These are other tools for electronics, which will be useful in practically every workshop and studio.


  • Gloves Gloves

    Durable work gloves are required for all complex works of construction, industrial, workshops and even at home. It is easy to move heavy objects with sharp edges. Protect hands from pain, abrasions and injuries. Prevent himself knocking chips and fine shavings, and prevents...

  • Markers Markers

    Even in the workshop of the electronics and mechanics necessary basic utensils for marking various types of surfaces or to write. They must, however, comply with one condition: to be suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, as the use of field workers and make them able to...

  • Knives and scissors Knives and scissors

    In many works it is necessary to cut, shorten or cut different kinds of elements. If in some cases only fit durable scissors, and in the case of hard and thick materials, the appropriate saws, and (sometimes) Sanders corner, so valuable are also different types of knives and...

  • Bags string Bags string

    In the seminar the collection of several small parts is inevitable. Electronics contain many parts, such as LEDs or connectors, mechanics, for example, so necessary for every day stuff, like screws, nuts and washers. Effective implementation of the planned tasks much more...

  • Safety glasses Safety glasses

    Workplace health and safety ( WHS ) and Occupational health and safety ( OHS ) are areas that will continue to be needed and popular. Although for many entrepreneurs they cause many difficulties, each activity should be approached safely in the first place. This applies not...

  • Workshop lighting Workshop lighting

    Proper lighting in the Studio, it's incredibly important, and this for many reasons – not only improves the quality of work performed, as it allows you to see more detail, but also has a positive effect on the health of the eye. In combination with the corresponding...

  • Protective masks Protective masks

    Work associated with the processing of various materials, their grinding, nawiercaniem, polishing or even rozrabianiem mixtures most often associated with dust emissions. In some industries, workers are also subjected to fumes or vapors that may adversely affect the human...



Products by page

Products by page

Protective clothing for electronics

Electronics workers work in various conditions, often difficult, threatening their health and even life. They deal with electrical charges that can cause damage to their body and organism. But they are not the only ones that are dangerous for humans. Cutting, soldering and drilling can also cause injuries. In addition, the sparks produced during the processing of the material do not affect our eyesight very well. All this means that every electronic and robot should have protective clothing that protects sensitive parts of his body. These are certainly gloves, which are made of durable and resistant to abrasion and other damage to materials. They are often reinforced on bends and fingers to provide even better protection. Often it is polyurethane, which is so flexible that even its thicker layer does not make it difficult to grasp small parts. You will also find rubber-coated cotton gloves. An interesting solution is a scratched glove, sewn from cotton with the addition of polyester, with the surface of PVC dots. They are characterized by increased grip and effectiveness of protection against mechanical damage.

Eye protection is also essential in mechanics' work. Special working glasses are designed for this purpose, which protect the organ of sight from metal splinters and sharp and intense light. The glasses may have temples, thanks to which they hold on to your head better. The non-slip inserts also provide comfort of use. A soft nose protection prevents unpleasant abrasions.

Always use a protective mask when sanding, drilling or polishing. Its task is to prevent the penetration of harmful dusts into the respiratory system, which are a threat to our health. Masks differ in the level of protection. You can choose between first-class masks (FFP1), which provide 80 % filtration efficiency and retain the particles present in the air. Another solution is the third class (FFP3) masks, which we use at higher concentrations of dust in the air. They provide 99% filtration efficiency, but make gas exchange difficult.

Useful accessories for your workshop

Not only protective workwear elements, but also other accessories such as markers and precise workshop lighting are useful. We offer chemical products such as conductive paints or greases and cleaners. We recommend permanent markers and foils, which are useful when marking surfaces. Pay attention to the string bags you use to store small accessories and tools. We also have a wide range of workshop lighting, where practical countertop mounted lamps, flashlights and LED lights deserve special attention. For precise work, the illumination, otherwise known as "third hand", works best. It perfectly illuminates the work area and the elements we work with.