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In this section, you will find other tools and devices needed in a home workshop. We offer, among other things, chemicals, paints and varnishes, clothing, occupational safety, knives and scissors, packs of strings, work lights and many other items of equipment, useful in times of tinkering.


  • Gloves Gloves

    Durable work gloves are required for all complex works of construction, industrial, workshops and even at home. It is easy to move heavy objects with sharp edges. Protect hands from pain, abrasions and injuries. Prevent himself knocking chips and fine shavings, and prevents...

  • Markers Markers

    Even in the workshop of the electronics and mechanics necessary basic utensils for marking various types of surfaces or to write. They must, however, comply with one condition: to be suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, as the use of field workers and make them able to...

  • Knives and scissors Knives and scissors

    In many works it is necessary to cut, shorten or cut different kinds of elements. If in some cases only fit durable scissors, and in the case of hard and thick materials, the appropriate saws, and (sometimes) Sanders corner, so valuable are also different types of knives and...

  • Bags string Bags string

    In the seminar the collection of several small parts is inevitable. Electronics contain many parts, such as LEDs or connectors, mechanics, for example, so necessary for every day stuff, like screws, nuts and washers. Effective implementation of the planned tasks much more...

  • Safety glasses Safety glasses

    Occupational health and safety is very often bagatelizowanym aspect of all types of work, both in industry and in the Amateur repairs, or home. And about the accident is not difficult, especially for tools, which themselves already represent a threat for the operator. The...

  • Workshop lighting Workshop lighting

    Proper lighting in the Studio, it's incredibly important, and this for many reasons – not only improves the quality of work performed, as it allows you to see more detail, but also has a positive effect on the health of the eye. In combination with the corresponding...

  • Protective masks Protective masks

    Work associated with the processing of various materials, their grinding, nawiercaniem, polishing or even rozrabianiem mixtures most often associated with dust emissions. In some industries, workers are also subjected to fumes or vapors that may adversely affect the human...



Products by page

Products by page

A well-equipped workshop is based

Seemingly insignificant items such as a magnifying glass or all-purpose knife, it is often necessary during to make or create electronic projects. Equipment the products required before starting work, allowing you to save time and to accelerate the completion of the project and to maintain the correct sequence of actions to be performed. In turn, the elements responsible for safety in the workshop (e.g., safety glasses and protective gloves if working light) necessary to protect the wizard from accidents while working.

What products you will find in this category?

We have divided this section into multiple subsections so that you can quickly find what you're looking for. We offer, in particular:

  • article-chemical properties: paint, conductive current, protective coating and brine epoxy, wytrawiacze for printed circuit boards, lubricants and cleaners, as well as paste and tape termoprzewodzące. You will also find products such as compressed air spray, and electrical insulation in liquid.
  • gloves: protective working gloves and antistatic gloves in various sizes and colors. All products are equipped with a layer that protects from slipping.
  • markers: permanent markers and foliopisy different colors and thickness, useful during the marking of surfaces or instruments.
  • knives and scissors: scissors for laminate, textile, for electricians and universal models, as well as knives with break the blade or foldable, made of stainless steel.
  • string bags in different sizes for storing small parts such as nut or bolt
  • protective eyewear made of polycarbonate and resistant to shocks. Available also model with backlight.
  • workshop lighting: lamp on a stand or mounted to a counter top (also a model equipped with a magnifying glass), lamps, LED light bulb and handle with a magnifying glass and backlight type of “third hand”.