LED lighting

LED lamps are electrical light sources that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce light. Like compact fluorescent lamps, they are energy-saving light sources (ESL). The service life of LED illuminants is stated as up to 50,000 hours as compared to conventional incandescent lamps which achieve a service life of only around 1000 hours. In addition, LED lamps require less electrical power for the same brightness. They therefore achieve a higher energy efficiency (better luminous efficacy). Although they generally have higher investment costs, they are much more economical than most other lamps because of their lower operating costs which are energy costs and replacement costs. We are aware of the fact that LED lighting can be an element of interesting electronic projects, so in the offer of Botland store you can find many types of this lighting that meet individual expectations and needs. In case of doubts, contact our technical service. We will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for.


  • Outdoor lighting fixtures LED Outdoor lighting fixtures LED

    Lamp, outdoor LED, we Offer high quality outdoor LED lamps. We have a wide selection of models, designed for different applications. LED technology works well as outdoors and indoors. The small size of the light source (LEDs in SMD technology) contribute effectively hiding it...

  • Portable lighting LED Portable lighting LED

    Portable lighting LED - we Offer a wide selection of portable lamps that use energy-saving technology LEDs. Of the lamp adapted for the difficult conditions that prevail on construction sites, in workshops and warehouses. We have a wide variety of models with different powers...

  • Lamp LED Lamp LED

    Lamp, industrial pipe, nastojatelnee, flush mounting and for mounting internal

  • Table lamp LED Table lamp LED

    Table lamp LED If lutujesz, sklejasz or even majsterkujesz, table lamp LED will definitely help You while you work. Workshop lighting is very important element in the corner of the house master. With a magnifying glass, or a "third hand" will be much easier to collect a...

  • Lamp warning LED Lamp warning LED

    Lamp warning LED Due to the extremely brief time of ignition to full brightness, the lamp warning LED is the best choice as a alarm system for gates and on the bikes. An important advantage is also the possibility of selecting any color temperature LED lamps and high color...

  • LEDs LEDs

    With the arrival of LED technology, there has been a revolution in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. It is a new solution that allows to significantly expand the possibilities of using light. One of its main advantages is its above-average energy efficiency....

  • Belts and łańuchy LED Belts and łańuchy LED

    LED strips and strings are one of the most interesting solutions for energy-efficient lighting used today in households and apartments, public spaces, restaurants, shops and shopping centers. They can serve both practical as well as decorative functions, often combining them...

  • LED bulb LED bulb

    Led Bulb You want to save money? You want to be Eco and Trends? Our range of LED lamps is a perfect solution for You. Here you will find intelligent, colorful and classic types of lighting ledowego. This will allow You to make your home a place modern without spending money...

  • LED light bulb LED light bulb

    Who has not heard about LED lighting today? LED lighting technology is very simple, practical and effective. In this category, we present the highest quality LED lamps for various applications. You can check out LED spotlights as well as desk lamps that look impressive....

  • Garland LED Christmas Garland LED Christmas

    Garland LED Christmas Made on technology LED decorative lamp and Christmas - a wide and varied selection you find in our online store. We offer kits to food as part of a network, and with the help of the battery. The color of hot, cold, single and mixed colors. Christmas...

  • LED lamps - accessories LED lamps - accessories

    The sensors of body motion and other lighting accessories.

Products by page

Products by page

Discreet LED lighting

Firstly, we would like to introduce our general “LEDs” section, where we have prepared an extremely wide range of products from this category. You can find there many types of LEDs, from which you can certainly choose the lighting that suits your needs. The list of products includes mainly classic THT diodes with a diameter of 3.5 and 10 mm. This type of LED lighting is best for providing you with discreet lighting. Among these diodes there are mostly RGB LEDs in a simple (four-end) version and the ones equipped with a built-in digital controller. You can also find many types of special diodes, which include laser diodes and infrared diodes. In our assortment we have also prepared many necessary accessories for diodes, for example lighting drivers and LED holders in sizes corresponding to the product. Check out our list and find out that there is something to choose from!

LED bulbs and lamps in everyday use

Nowadays, LEDs are becoming much more popular than traditional light bulbs. This is a positive phenomenon, because LEDs are an economic and ecological solution when compared to the historic bulbs. In order to meet the expectations and needs of our customers in the best way possible, we have prepared a list of LED light bulbs and LED lamps with different functionality and aesthetics. First of all, bulbs in our offer are in different shapes: e.g. round, flattened or candle-shaped (a huge trend right now!). You can also personalize your lightbulb by choosing its light color: warm, cold, neutral white or the RGB color palette. Bulbs can also have different threads like: E14, E27, G9 or GU10. There is also a special treat for advanced users! In our store you can find lightbulbs with a built-in WiFi module, so we can remotely control the bulbs. In addition, the product list includes many types of outdoor or indoor, portable and table lighting. Check our offer and find lighting that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Other types of LED lighting

LED lighting is a very wide category, not confined to the types described previously in this article. In our Botland store’s offer you can find not only classic light bulbs, but also signal lights used for motor vehicles or dedicated to gate automation systems. One of the biggest applications for LED lighting is also cycling, as fans of single-track lighting have long appreciated the role of headlights and LED reflectors. It is in this field that LED traffic lights have been able to develop significantly thanks to the fact that they are extremely functional and consume very little power. In addition, in our offer list we have prepared many models of hand and headlights, Christmas lights and keypad lighting for computers. All of them were produced in LED technology, being extremely energy-saving solutions. We encourage you to see the offer yourself and choose the equipment you are looking for.