LED lighting

Lighting Led lamps - LED Technology is undeniable revolution on the lighting market. Without exaggeration it can be considered an innovation no less than the introduction of electric lights in the nineteenth century. LED lighting, however, is much more efficient and reliable compared to other types of lighting. The possibility of choosing color temperature of the light, and even the installation of a specific color, easy to control the brightness of the light and power low, safe voltage , is an additional advantage, which do not exhaust the long list of qualities attributed to the diodes elektroluminescencyjnym. In this category you will find a wide selection of all kinds of light sources based on LEDs. LED backlight is an interesting solution for many electronic projects.


  • Outdoor lighting fixtures LED Outdoor lighting fixtures LED

    Lamp, outdoor LED, we Offer high quality outdoor LED lamps. We have a wide selection of models, designed for different applications. LED technology works well as outdoors and indoors. The small size of the light source (LEDs in SMD technology) contribute effectively hiding it...

  • Portable lighting LED Portable lighting LED

    Portable lighting LED - we Offer a wide selection of portable lamps that use energy-saving technology LEDs. Of the lamp adapted for the difficult conditions that prevail on construction sites, in workshops and warehouses. We have a wide variety of models with different powers...

  • Lamp LED Lamp LED

    Lamp, industrial pipe, nastojatelnee, flush mounting and for mounting internal

  • Table lamp LED Table lamp LED

    Table lamp LED If lutujesz, sklejasz or even majsterkujesz, table lamp LED will definitely help You while you work. Workshop lighting is very important element in the corner of the house master. With a magnifying glass, or a "third hand" will be much easier to collect a small...

  • Lamp warning LED Lamp warning LED

    Lamp warning LED Due to the extremely brief time of ignition to full brightness, the lamp warning LED is the best choice as a alarm system for gates and on the bikes. An important advantage is also the possibility of selecting any color temperature LED lamps and high color...

  • LEDs LEDs

    Semiconductor diodes, for self-soldering.

  • Belts and łańuchy LED Belts and łańuchy LED

    Panel LEDowy - LED Lighting accompanies us everywhere – it is hard to find modern housing, office building, store, public buildings or even a vehicle that does not have at least one bulb and LED panel. These latter have in many applications a significant advantage over...

  • LED bulb LED bulb

    Led Bulb You want to save money? You want to be Eco and Trends? Our range of LED lamps is a perfect solution for You. Here you will find intelligent, colorful and classic types of lighting ledowego. This will allow You to make your home a place modern without spending money...

  • LED light bulb LED light bulb

    LED light bulbs - we Offer LED lamps for various applications. In this category you will find devices that can feed power from USB ports in the computer (5), models that can be connected to a standard outlet in the wall (230V) and also a bulb powered by a battery . We...

  • Garland LED Christmas Garland LED Christmas

    Garland LED Christmas Made on technology LED decorative lamp and Christmas - a wide and varied selection you find in our online store. We offer kits to food as part of a network, and with the help of the battery. The color of hot, cold, single and mixed colors. Christmas tree...

  • LED lamps - accessories LED lamps - accessories

    The sensors of body motion and other lighting accessories.

Products by page

Products by page

Discrete LEDs

You will find, among other things, the extensive list of products under the General category of "LEDs". Put it as a classic, discrete LEDs THT (including circular with a diameter of 3, 5 and 10 mm), and the execution of SMD (0603 or 0805). Most of this group consist of LEDs, RGB – simple czerokońcówkowe as LEDs with built-in digital control unit. We have a generous array of special LEDs, including LEDs, infrared and laser diodes. Here you will also find essential accessories for LEDs – including ready drivers and adapters for LEDs in various sizes.

Incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs for any application

After more than 100 years of domination of traditional light bulbs, in the beginning of XXI century the baton of the championship captured the LEDs. In this category we have placed different types of bulbs, differing in shape (round and flat bubbles, candles, etc.), color (warm white light, cold, or neutral, RGB) and mount (thread E14, E27, G9 or GU10). The most advanced models have built-in wi-fi module, allowing to remotely control the operation parameters of the lamp. We have a rich selection of LED lights, including floodlights for outdoor use and lamps, domestic, portable or desktop.

Other types of LED lighting

The application of LED lighting do not end there, however, on the replacement of classic incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Increasingly used light indicators, acting as "cocks" for vehicles or systems of automatics of the gate. LED lighting for bicycles has quite a long history, as due to the very low current consumption while maintaining high performance, rear lights and front lights will be gladly used by lovers of two-wheeled vehicles, and professional cyclists. In our range could not, of course, not to notice small, very powerful light hand and leading, Christmas lights, LED lighting or computer keyboard.