Wire stranded

Wire stranded

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Cable as the main building material

During the design of complex sound systems and lighting, we often do not pay attention to details such as stranded wire. On the market there are a huge number of various wires and cables, and each of them is designed for a specific use. The correct choice of cable provides us a guarantee of security and durability installation. Marking of cables determine the number of options - with just one glance of a person in the subject, and immediately knows what he's dealing with.

Types of cables

Stranded wires have wide application in any setting. Used for marking small and large letters, first determine the design of the veins. D means a wire, cable, and in turn, the designation Lg-a cable with two. The cables are usually copper, but if we are dealing with other material, before the designation of the constructions of the vein appears information – And as aluminum or the letter " F " symbolizing the steel. It is also found marking the sheath of the cable is placed before the information that is listed above - the Y is polwinit, G is the rubber, in turn, means Y polyethylene.

Letters continued

Another marking of wires stranded letter relating to the manufacture of the cable. The letter a is the coating of cotton yarn, b is the insulation which will withstand high temperatures, c is a non-combustible material d is increased insulation thickness, p is the flat cable, this cable armed, and n is the cable with the cable carrier. You can also meet up with the designation purpose of this cable is the symbol AK is the cable battery, t with the installation under the plaster, in the high tension cable. Marked Joe and jp hide the wires of control - round and shaped.

Symbols and reality

Stranded wires have a lot of characters, but in practice letters are few. For example, the cable B is a copper wire consisting of one wire with the insulation of polwinitu. It is primarily used for connecting lighting and different types of controls. An interesting example is the designation AsXSn - this label is self-supporting wire elektroenergetyczny built of aluminium with the installation of crosslinked polyethylene. The letter n at the end means fire. Such cables are used to power devices napowietrzną.