Magnetic sensors

Are you looking for good magnetic sensors? You've come to the right place! Magnetic sensors are increasingly used in various branches of production and business. These are components without which it is difficult to create some types of Internet of Things projects. Why?

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Products by page

Magnetic sensors respond to a magnetic field. So they react to the space in which magnetic forces act. The magnetic field is characterized by various forces - intensity, magnetic field induction and the level of relative magnetic permeability. The magnetic field is created around magnets, conductors with current, and also around a moving electric charge.

In this category, we present the best magnetic sensors, the operation of which is based on the use of reed switches. These are elements that react with a change of state as a result of close contact with an object that emits a magnetic field. Reed switches are one of the key devices when it comes to advanced security systems (non-responsible fencing, window and door sensors).

You will find many different products here. We offer the purchase of magnetic sensors designed to control the state of opening or closing the door. We also have sensors equipped with floats and monitoring the liquid level, such as a Hall sensor (works as a proximity sensor in smartphones). We invite you to familiarize yourself with our entire range, especially with the sets of reed contacts, multisensors, magnetic digital sensor and sensor mounting brackets.

How magnetic sensors work?

The operation of the magnetic sensor is based on the use of a reed switch hidden under the housing. A reed switch is a circuit element that closes and opens when in close contact with an object that has a magnetic field. Technically speaking, a reed switch is a hermetic electrical switch that reacts to a magnetic field. Larger sets also consist of Hall effect sensors, i.e. semiconductor elements.

The devices presented have contacts covered with a thin layer of very conductive material (usually tungsten or gold). The type of material depends on the specific purpose. Reed switches are divided into two types. Less popular - remanence reed switches - are devices that change their state to the opposite under the influence of a magnetic field. After moving away from the object emitting the magnetic field, the reed switch status remains the same. Cognately, the second variant applies to products in which magnetic fields of opposite polarity cause a change of state.

Magnetic sensors and their application in electronics and robotics

Reed relays are used much more often because their mode of operation is to maintain one of the condition only when in close contact with an object that emits a magnetic field. State changes include closing and opening a circuit. A perfect example of such situations would be a field break near a reed switch (and then the circuit will be broken). In the case of security systems, the above situation will apply to opening a door or window. Information about such an event may be registered in the connected microcontroller, and it will react to it, e.g. by triggering an alarm signal. Each electromagnetic reed relay works in a similar way.

Obviously, magnetic sensors are widely used in automation and robotics. If you are an enthusiast of programmable electronics (maybe you already use Arduino or Raspberry Pi), you know how important it is to equip your project with additional components. If you use magnetic sensors in your project, you can go ahead and build alarm systems, property security systems and many other DIY projects!

High-quality magnetic sensors and other components for your projects

In this category You will find many different magnetic sensors. All products are of the highest quality and very compatible. We offer many variants of the practical use of reed switches. The most popular is a magnetic sensor that controls the closing or opening of windows or doors. Such a device will be the basis for the protection of a house or apartment. Properly programmed, it can turn on an audible alarm. Liquid level sensors, which are additionally equipped with a float, which also use a magnetic sensor, are also very useful in the industry. We also recommend the advanced Hall Sensor. Such sensors are commonly used in everyday devices, but are also irreplaceable in industry. You can also purchase single reed contacts from us and use them for your own project.