Magnetic sensors

Magnetic sensor - In this category you can find magnetic sensors whose operation is based on the use of reed switches. These are elements, which react change as a result of close contact with the subject emitującym magnetic field. We offer, inter alia, magnetic sensors designed to monitor the status of opening or closing the door. We also have sensors equipped with floats and liquid level control, Hall sensor (works in smartphones, as the proximity sensor), contacts kontaktronowe, multisensory, magnetic sensor, digital zoom and brackets for mounting sensors.

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Products by page

Magnetic sensor - Many applications in electronics and robotics

Magnetic sensor available in this category is mainly bases its activities on the use of a reed switch hidden under the chassis. The reed switch is a circuit element that opens and closes under the influence of close contact with a subject with a magnetic field. Such a device has contacts coated with a thin layer of good conductive material (e.g., tungsten or gold) that is selected depending on specific purposes. Kontaktrony are divided into two types. Less popular - remanencyjne is such that under the action of the magnetic field change their state to the opposite, what if you delete the object emitting the magnetic field remains the same (no penetration into the system of no force or energy). Another contact with the magnetic field of the opposite polarity will not cause a state change. Kontaktrony nieremanencyjne much more often used, but their action based on the contents of one of the States only at the time of close contact with the subject emitującym magnetic field. State change is the opening and closing of the circuit - for example, after releasing the magnet away the reed switch, the circuit is interrupted (open the window). Information about this event can be registered in the connected database, and he will respond, for example, by launching the alarm. The same applies to every relay kontaktronowy - electromagnetic.

What you will find in our offer?

In offer we have many practical uses reed switches. The most popular magnetic sensor controlling the closing or opening of Windows or doors. On the basis of the above-described example, it may act as an alarm switch. Very useful in industry are also liquid level sensors, additionally equipped with a float that also use magnetic sensor. The Hall sensor is an element which also uses the close contact with the magnetic field, the device uses the Hall effect. Thanks to him, in a simple way you can, for example, measuring the number of revolutions made by the motor, securing the motor shaft is a small magnet. Such sensors are widely used in devices of daily use, but they are also indispensable in industry. You can also buy individual contacts kontaktronowe and use them for your own project.