Banana Pi

Banana Pi is a tile for development, which can be used in many different ways. Is a great base to explore digital electronics. Can also serve as the main control complex robot or perform the function of gateway of IoT that will turn your ordinary home into a smart home. In this category we have tiles in sets of independent devices, power supplies, all kinds of accessories (screens, antennas, extenders conclusion that the SATA cables), as well as protective covers.


  • Modules to Banana Pi and accessories Modules to Banana Pi and accessories

    A series of Banana Pi are computers jednopłytkowe miniature size with a debit card, manufactured by Shenzhen Sinovoip. Project of electronic circuits minikomputera Banana Pi based on Raspberry Pi is already a cult. Banana Pi is a platform open source. The terms hardware and...

  • Extension for Banana Pi Extension for Banana Pi

    Minikomputer Banana Pi offers the user wide possibilities of extension in various projects, including prototypowaniem concepts for application in nature, as hobbystycznym as a professional. Botland store offers special extensions to add standard features Banana Pi such as a...

  • Food Banana Pi Food Banana Pi

    System built-in, including Banana Pi, you need to act appropriately sized power supply that will ensure reliable operation of the device. The key parameters that affect the correct functioning of the minikomputera Banana Pi are the nominal voltage and the maximum current...

  • Case for Banana Pi Case for Banana Pi

    Banana Pi near mini-computers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or BeagleBone, is a versatile tool for prototyping various devices with a very wide range of possibilities of hardware and software. Among the accessories for “banana,” such as external modules that extend the basic...


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Products by page

Products by page

Banana Pi

Banana Pi is a module with a built-in CPU, which allows it to be used in many fields. Students can use the electronics plate contact and a simple way to test your skills. Senior marketing specialist can conduct prototyping of new devices or use minikomputer in the final decision. Tile is also ideal in industrial automation or home network, for example, to control home APPLIANCES, lights, or locks.

I suggest a tile?

Banana Pi is minikomputer processor (depending on the model – for example, Quad-core Cortex-A7, 1.2 GHz), RAM, and a number of useful compounds. This, incidentally, USB connector, slot for memory cards microSD, HDMI, GPIO pins, the Ethernet ports and interfaces such as UART, SPI or I2C.

What products are in this category?

In the proposal we have, first of all, a wide selection of different versions of tiles Banana Pi. Installed processors have units taktujące at a frequency of 0.4 GHz, 1.0 GHz, 1.2 GHz, 1.3 GHz or 1.8 GHz and have from two to eight cores. Depending on the specific models also have Bluetooth, wi-fi, different types and number of connectors, as well as Windows, Android or Linux. We also offer the device in sets with accessories such as IP cameras, antennas or SATA cables. In this part “Extension for Banana PI” you can find screens (including TFT), antenna, camera, wires or SATA expanders conclusions. In category “Nutrition Banana Pi” you will find a wide selection of power supplies for mini-computers Banana Pi with microUSB cables (devices come from different manufacturers). To choose you also have several types powerbanków and wires with switches. Power sources can also be used for other types of popular tiles in the development of this or some models of smartphones and other mobile devices. Category “Case for Banana Pi” offers a wide selection of covers for different models of tiles. You can find models in different colors or colorless (ideal for use, for example, as an educational item to the classroom for digital electronics).