Banana Pi boards

The range of accessories for the tile. Although most users of mini-computers based on the popular modules Arduino and Raspberry Pi, we want to present to all lovers of programming and development design electronic something that will certainly allow them to discover new opportunities! Banana Pi, it is very effective minikomputer meets the high expectations of customers – You learn about it in his workshop!



UC - Microkontroler
UC - freq:
UC - core
UC - External memory
UC - Digital pins:
UC - Connector:
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - Camera interface
UC - Linux
UC - Android
UC - Windows

Products by page

Products by page

Banana Pi against the competition

The market for minicomputers , with each year increasingly extended and offers users an incredibly large number of possibilities. Because of this, each manufacturer must stand on the heights of their capabilities to ensure its customers high quality and best price half-measures will not satisfy already fans of computerization and automation because it depends to them on the continuous development of skills, and this requires professional tools. Banana Pi will fulfill all these requirements, getting into the hearts of developers and designers.

In Botland not only will you find basic schemes of the Banana Pi that will serve You as a base to create your unique project. We also offer extension and the necessary accessories, useful or necessary during operation.

Banana Pi and its capabilities

This kind minikomputera enjoys positive feedback from reviewers that do not spare praise and comparisons for the popular Raspberry Pi. We recommend you to an independent cognitive system. In our store you can find, in particular, such facilities as: cameras, antennas, monitors and all required cables.

We like the basic modules at a low price, for example, Banana Pi Zero, which has 512 MB of RAM, and very powerful model, with very impressive characteristics, for example, Banana Pi Router R2 Quad Core – because of this, everyone will find something that will allow you to use the maximum potential of the system.