Gifts for girlfriend / wife

Until recently, there was a belief that robotics, mechatronics and electronics were only for gentlemen. In the area of programming and computer science, it was difficult to find the beautiful sex, while today, ladies prove that they do very well in science and their predispositions and abilities do not differ from those that men can boast about. Is that the woman you live with? Does your wife, girlfriend or fiancée create their own electronic systems and carry out ambitious projects for robots? If so, take a look at our offer, where you will find a wide range of gift ideas just for her. In addition to power tools and development boards, there is a place for interesting electronic gadgets in a female style. These include silicone phone pads, smartbands and air cleaners. We have plenty of ideas for women whose interests are focused on electronics and robotics. You will also find practical manuals and tutorials that will help your woman to deepen her knowledge of the area that really interests her.

Development board as a gift for a woman?

Well, why would it be just a good choice for a man? Women are increasingly eager and more often directing their interests towards programming and electronics. Often they try to learn on their own, improving and developing their skills. We support women's minds and that is why we have prepared a wide range of development boards especially for them. These are microcomputers, from which simple and technologically advanced robots, control systems and intelligent, automated devices are made. The offer includes proposals from renowned companies such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino. There are PCBs on sale, as well as complete sets, which are particularly suitable for beginner programmers. The FORBOT courses deserve attention. Knowledge is never too much, so a good choice for a gift for a girl will be a specialist guide, which will allow you to supplement the knowledge in the field of prototyping, programming and electronics.

Development boards and educational kits are ideal as a gift for a woman who breaks all stereotypes. This way you will surprise your loved one by supporting her development and helping to develop her passions. Show your creativity, don't follow the worn out, safe paths anymore. Take a look at our offer and give your girlfriend a creative gift. Decide on a development board, ready-made modules, as well as educational sets. You will also find a few interesting sensors, with the help of which it is possible to extend the tile with new functionalities.

Gifts for a gadget lover

Not only men are gadget fans. Women also love all technological accessories and openly admit it. With more interest than ever, they look at Bluetooth devices, as well as portable disks, where you can store all your files and documents, having them with you, in a women's handbag that holds everything. For a woman who loves electronic gadgets and accessories, we have also prepared several gift proposals. Among them there are powerbanks, i.e. mobile energy "packed" in a small casing, of course with a fashionable design. Having it always with you, your girlfriend will never again lose contact with the world through an unloaded smartphone. We also recommend selfiesticks, i.e. telescopic poles designed for taking pictures of so-called "selfie", but from a greater distance. From now on, there may be more people in the pictures, and even picturesque views as a background for really nice pictures. Every woman will be satisfied with comfortable wireless Bluetooth headphones, of course, one who likes to listen to music and does it relatively often, especially outside the home, for example on the way to work. You can also opt for a phone pad, a plant irrigator for the flower lover, an air purifier with an ionizer that will take care of the health of all household members, and a wristband or wristwatch with activity monitoring.