Gifts for girlfriend / wife

In this category you will find creative and original gifts for your girlfriend or wife. We offer products created with the idea of pasjonatkach electronics, like many other proposals, among which you will surely choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

Gifts for girlfriend or wife

If you are looking for a practical and original gift for your girlfriend or wife, on our website you will find many interesting offers. We offer a wide range of electronic devices, designed for daily use or pleasure, but also many useful gadgets and accessories. In our assortment you will find also courses in electronics and sets with tiles development, which certainly will appeal to every person about the interests associated with the technique.

Tile development and accessories

Visit Botland you will find a wide range of electronics courses with different difficulty levels, as well as kits with minikomputerami. We offer, among other things, modules of an educational Micro:bit with accessories, educational kits Raspberry Pi and Arduino, as well as kits with tiles and FORBOT development courses as well as textbooks and thematic. This gift is great offer for people who want to learn how to use minicomputers or to expand their knowledge and skills in this area. Also provides ready-made projects that can be combined with plates development - for example, automatic podlewaczka for plants that are compatible with minikomputerem Arduino soil moisture sensor, which can be connected to most microcontrollers available on the market.

Useful devices and gadgets

In this category you will find also a number of practical devices and accessories that are ideal as gifts for girlfriend or wife. We offer, among other things, useful gadgets for smartphone users, including selfiesticki, powerbanki, the fabric on the phone or a convenient wireless headphones for Bluetooth. You will also find the device that will be useful in any household, such as electronic kitchen scales, automatic nawadniacz for plants or air purifier with ionizer. A great gift would also be elegant and modern gadgets like smart watches and bracelets, or locator Bluetooth, through which you can easily find the lost keys or documents.