Gifts for boyfriend / husband

In this section you will find offers, which will definitely suited as gifts for boyfriend or husband interested electronics. We offer as gifts typically entertainment (e.g., gaming accessories or remotely operated vehicles) and practical elements, useful in everyday life, such as electronic devices or home automation devices.

Products by page

Products by page

Gifts for boyfriend or husband

If Your husband or boyfriend is fond of study of science, such as electronics, mathematics or programming will certainly enjoy its gift associated with his hobby. In this category we offer a wide range of proposals prezentowych in the field of electronics, automation, robotics and similar fields.

Sets with tiles development

On our website you will find a large selection of sets prezentowych minikomputerami with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. There are, among other things, courses FORBOT with different levels of skill sets that contains the module and development, together with accessories, allowing you to create independent project (such as LED watches, which has a plate ESP32 or a retro gaming machine, based on the operation of the Raspberry Pi), as well as additional elements that are compatible with popular minikomputerami, for example, robots shoulder cooperating with the microcontroller Raspberry Pi.

Practical tools and accessories

We offer a wide range of electronic tools to people at every level of the game - in this category you will find, among others, sets for workshops (also FORBOT) and accessories for diy (lamps, magnifiers, markers), as well as soldering irons and soldering stations, miniwiertarki, meters and power supplies laboratory. If you are looking for a practical gift for electronics, of course, perfect 3D printer with which he can create even more creative and complex projects. And for the driver an offer to be a phone holder, a car charger, DVR, or PDA road Yanosik GTR.

Entertainment and gadgets

Funny, and at the same time, practical gadget is also a great gift idea for a friend or husband. In this category you will find many interesting proposals, for example, the line with superimposed Adafruit “pulls” the popular circuits and electronic components, as well as a Bluetooth locator, which in case of need will help obdarowanemu to find the lost keys or documents. We also offer devices that are essential for activities such as remotely operated vehicle or station Audio Google Chromecast, which allows you to conveniently stream music from your smartphone or other equipment for home speakers.