Gifts for boyfriend / husband

Gifts for a real man who isn't afraid of anything and is proud of his interests. The guy is a pragmatist by nature, many men like to spend time repairing, tinkering and experimenting with electronic systems, under the hood of their car or robots and systems. It is for them that the boy's gift offer was created. You have no idea what to buy your fiancé for your birthday, your husband for Christmas or your brother for Boy's Day? It's great, because we have plenty of ideas to use. They're all focused on electronics, robots, high-tech and DIY. There is something for fans of electronic systems, which of course are created in the home studio, as well as for those who are up to date with current trends in technology. This time you don't have to limit yourself to another pair of socks, t-shirt or another wallet, bet on more surprising and creative gifts. We have proposals for both young boys and mature men.

Products by page

Products by page

Tools for the DIY enthusiast

How does your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, brother or friend spend their free time? Is his favourite place a sofa in the living room or maybe a home workshop or a self-made work table in the garden? If he's more active, he'll certainly enjoy the toolkit more than the trouser belt, which he probably has many in his fashion collection. Every DIY enthusiast and real man should have his own set of tools, at least the basic ones. There must be a screwdriver, hammer, screws that are useful in every home. We offer a wide range of tools in both basic as well as advanced and more extensive packages. They are packed in a convenient, practical suitcase for easy carrying and storing of tools. The available offer includes the Yato tool kit consisting of 72 elements and the Stahlbar tool kit with 94 elements. Moreover, we also sell single power tools designed for more advanced work. This is a soldering station and a mini-drilling machine. They will be useful for those DIY enthusiasts who have already entered a higher level of initiation. A great gift for the man of electronics and robotics will be a 3D printer. You can print almost anything on it, it is conducive to experiments and developing passions from various areas. It is also used by artists, so men with such interests will also be satisfied with such a gift.

Development boards and accessories for electronics

Development boards have been very popular for a long time. They are very versatile minicomputers, which can be used to create a system with enormous possibilities. Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards are available in our shop. We recommend them both for beginner programmers as well as for those who already have knowledge in this area and have already completed several projects. Apart from the boards you will also find in our offer a wide range of accessories and add-ons, which allow you to expand the emerging system. For those gentlemen who already know Raspberry Pi well, we have prepared interesting gadgets, such as a robotic arm cooperating with Raspberry Pi microcontroller.

Moreover, the FORBOT workshop kits and DIY accessories are worth mentioning. There is also something that will surely cause astonishment and smile on a man's face. These are funny gadgets, which at the same time can prove extremely useful during everyday experimentation and many repairs in your home workshop. Take a look at the line with the downloads from popular electronic circuits and components and the Bluetooth locator for these guys, which they forget where they left their things. For men who still have a lot of children, we have prepared remote-controlled vehicles. There is also no shortage of ideas for fans of good sounds, who will surely enjoy the Google Chromecast Audio station.