Gifts for students

Are you wondering what else you can surprise a student studying at the Faculty of Science, including computer science and electronics? Would you like it to be a unique and practical gift, which will not be forgotten by him, but will give him great pleasure? If he is a fanatic of robotics, prototyping, electronic projects and advanced technology, we are convinced that we can help you. We have a wide range of gifts for science students. These include toolkits and contact pads, as well as accessories and components necessary to build intelligent control systems and robots. We remember about knowledge and theory, which is why we have specially selected the best tutorials and books on electronics and programming. It is a perfect gift for everyone who is close to the creative and inspiring world of robots, intelligent systems and programs. But if you can't decide on a specific gift, we have the perfect option for you - a gift card to our store. Students will be able to use it to purchase any products available in our offer.

Products by page

Products by page

Gifts for students to learn and develop their passions

Sometimes we just lack gift ideas, it seems that all of them have already been used and realized. So we are looking for universal and safe solutions. However, it is worth experimenting a bit and trying to surprise a loved one. Always the right shot is his passions and interests. In the case of students it is extremely easy to discover what he really enjoys, especially if he studies with great interest and you can see that he derives great satisfaction from learning. Science can be extremely interesting. They include what is often invisible to the naked eye. They allow to create unusual projects in the field of intelligent systems and robots that carry out specific tasks themselves. Tools and accessories that are needed for this, you will find in the Botland store.

Our gift propositions for science students range from ready-to-use devices and toolkits to individual items and accessories that allow you to create something of your own. Everything you find in the store can be useful for the student to develop their passions and hobbies, as well as for studying at university. These are learning aids and creative gadgets. We have prepared proposals for gifts both for students just starting their studies at the university, as well as those who are already at a more advanced stage, so their knowledge and skills are also much greater. You will find and realize an idea for a gift for a creative and ambitious student!

What to choose for a student of electronics, robotics and computer science?

The choice of gifts for students in our shop is very large. We have focused on diversity, but also on a very specific product group. We wanted to include gift proposals for fans of electronics and advanced technologies, who are up to date with the latest technology, as well as typical pragmatists who are great at prototyping and designing and creating increasingly ambitious projects. So you can choose from the development boards, i.e: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Odroid, as well as numerous accessories, which will make them even more functional and enable the student to create a more technologically advanced robot or system. Every electronic designer and young DIY enthusiast should also have his own set of tools. We especially recommend ready-made sets, which contain not only basic but also additional and extremely useful tools. We also have fans, shredders and of course creative 3D printers. The latter have an extremely wide range of applications. They are useful in laboratories, industrial plants and art studios. They can be used to print elements from various filaments. FORBOT courses deserve special attention. It is from them that the student will learn more about building his own robot or operating a development plate. Moreover, it is also worthwhile to reach for professional literature, i.e. instructional and training books in the field of programming, electronics and robotics.