Gifts for teenagers high school / professional

In high school, most teenagers already have specific interests, which they develop towards their future professional life. For some schools there is a choice of a class with a strong profile. Such educational proposals include IT, mechatronic or electronic classes. We have prepared our gift offer for such teenagers. They are gifts for already almost professional, young people who want to learn and develop their passions in robotics and electronics. The offer includes, among others, Raspberry Pi and Arduino development boards, textbooks and guides on programming and electronics, as well as numerous accessories that will surely be useful while creating a new robot or more advanced systems. If you are looking for a gift for a young man in high school and he is interested in advanced technology, tinkering and still delving into the secrets of electronics, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our creative offer. You will find there a lot of inspiration and ready-made gift ideas.

Products by page

Products by page

Alternative education - creative gifts for young people

Education is usually not associated with anything positive at school age. It is only with time that we find out that it is through education that we can achieve really much in life. Moreover, learning stops being boring and becomes fascinating. This is the stage when we discover what really interests us and start to delve into the subject. At the beginning of our school journey we don't have the possibility to choose what can cause rebellion and frustration in a young person. None of us like it when something is imposed on him and something is required of him. In high school, young people already have much more freedom of choice, and parents notice that some of them are starting to take an interest in learning. This is when educational gifts turn out to be a very good idea, of course they must be in line with the teenager's interests. In Botland, there are suggestions for all young people whose minds are more focused on science. With us, your almost adult child will learn how to program and create its first electronic project. We support both experienced electronics and robotics, as well as help amateurs at the beginning of their journey. We believe in the potential of those who have the will and motivation to act.

In Botland you will find professional prototyping kits, various accessories and tool sets. So you can choose from a wide variety of proposals, thanks to everyone you will find something that will definitely suit their taste. This is how we develop the passions of young people, you can also help us achieve it.

Sets, accessories, handbooks - gifts for young robots and electronics engineers

Our offer includes development boards by Raspberry Pi and Arduino. These are microcomputers, from which very versatile and intelligent systems can be created. We can build a weather station from them, as well as a device to control an intelligent building. They can also be a part of a home multimedia center or replace an ordinary computer. In addition, there are numerous accessories and additions at your disposal, which will surely be useful to a young person during the implementation of his first and next project. We also have a ready-made portion of knowledge for you, which is contained in guides, magazines and educational books. To achieve success, it is necessary to combine theory with practice, remembering that it is practice that makes us perfect.

We also have something for these young people, who still have the curiosity and carelessness of a child. These are remote-controlled vehicles, which are not so easy to get bored with. We have also prepared a wide range of accessories for players, such as joysticks and speakers. With us you will create for a young man his first set of tools, and you will also complement the already quite richly equipped box with a mini-drill, soldering iron and electric meter. An interesting gift for young people will be a 3D printer, which will meet the expectations of both designers and artists.