Gifts for teenagers high school / professional

This category includes a variety of gifts for teenagers of secondary school and professional. Available such popular development boards Raspberry Pi and Arduino accessories, as well as courses FORBOT, the literature on electronics and programming interactive devices, as well as many other interesting offers. We also offer gift vouchers to use when shopping on the website Botland.

Products by page

Products by page

Gifts for teenagers of secondary school and professional

Middle school is a time of intensive development of their interests and search new. Youth at this age has a huge intellectual capacity and absorb knowledge very quickly, so you should provide her with appropriate conditions for learning. If the person you want to bless, interested in exact Sciences, programming or electronics, it is better to give her a gift, thanks to which it will be able to develop his passion.

Gifts of learning should not be boring

Many people associate clogs with education than to compromise where it refuses pleasure at the expense of science. However, it does not have to be that way! Available in this category of gifts will appeal not only to teenagers about your technical interests, but also to people who have not had the opportunity to try their hand at electronic projects or programming. The variety of suggestions you'll find as gifts for beginners and the more advanced adherents of the electronics. We also offer gifts from a variety of passion - for example, accessories for computer players or people involved in sports.

What are the gifts you'll find in this section?

In this category we offer, among other things, the development Board Raspberry Pi and Arduino, as well as elements, thanks to which is vested in the person to quickly master the use of minikomputera and teach you how to extend his work (courses FORBOT, kits for the manufacture of electronic devices operating on the basis of the plate). Also available remote-controlled machine, such as a quadrocopter with a camera or czterokołowe chassis to create their own vehicle. We also offer a wide selection of gaming accessories (headphones, speakers, joysticks), as well as useful tools, among other things, sets for soldering, miniwiertarki and electric meters. A great suggestion that will please everyone gave him a 3D printer for self-Assembly. In this section you can also find literature industry intended for both beginners and experienced electronics.