Gifts to 200 PLN

Drones and kits with Arduino and Raspberry Pi at the time for people interested in the latest technology.

Gifts to 200 rubles kits and accessories for all occasions

What gifts are best? Of course, those associated with our passion and give us the opportunity of development – functional equipment is the best thing we can get or give. You are searching for something for lovers of robotics, computerization and automation? You're in the right place at the perfect time! We have prepared for You in this category are unique sets, accessories, and popular items of equipment up to 200 rubles – if you don't know minikomputerach and do not know what in practice, Arduino , and what distinguishes it from the Raspberry Pi, we will find for You suitable offers. Due to the diversity of our product range we are able to present the gadgets that will delight every gadżetomaniak. We have, in particular, functional and smart smartwatche, drones and robots for self-Assembly!

Gadgets for older users

The proposal Botland, you can also find accessories for people who want to spice up yourself to watch TV, but not determined by them on the purchase of a new receiver. We dedicate these customers Android-Boxes, after which the connection offer nearly the amount of opportunities and applications available to users of this operating system. Is this an interesting offer for the gift? If Yes, then you will find it here.

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