Gifts for elementary school students

Primary school is a special time in everyone's life. Very often even at this stage the first interests and hobbies are shaped, the abilities of pupils to be nurtured and developed are revealed. It is a time when a carefree child is still in the young person, but slowly a more mature personality is revealed. More interest is aroused by educational toys, which allow you to create something completely different yourself. Children also focus their attention on gadgets and electronics. They start to be interested in the world of electronic devices, especially since many of them receive their first smartphone. In Botland you will find plenty of creative gift ideas for primary school students. These include educational games and toys, as well as electronic equipment and for the undecided gift vouchers in several variations. Thus, you will make your little one happy and at the same time support their creative, spatial and abstract thinking. See for yourself how much potential there is in a young person.

Products by page

Products by page

Fun and learning aids at once

There are children who are willing to learn, and there are those who are still more willing to spend their free time playing. During primary school, a balance between the two zones should be ensured. However, it is often difficult to persuade a student to do more in mathematics or computer science, and to go beyond the school curriculum. The best ways to do this are educational games and toys that combine fun with learning. It is thanks to them that many already experienced robots started their adventure with electronics. This is also a very good start for future programmers, who start with the first projects in primary school. Thanks to toys and educational games we not only develop young people's passions and interests, but also help them to learn at school. These are additional tasks and exercises, which are much more fun than the tasks solved in the book.

You must know that schoolchildren have great learning opportunities. This is the best time to create a basis for their experiences over the years and in adult life. However, we must not forget that these are still children who need entertainment, which plays a very important role in the development of a young person. When it comes to gifts, they usually still expect games and toys, but electronic gadgets are also increasingly on the wish list. We offer creative toys and games for small DIY enthusiasts. These are sets, with the help of which a young person will construct a robot on his own and also assemble an electronic device. In addition, we recommend tutorials and books as an addition, which will help an already slightly older student to develop their passions and improve their skills.

Gadgets and accessories for small electronics enthusiasts

Do you have a small gadget fan in your house who's interested in technological novelties? We have something special for him, which will make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift for your birthday, name day, child's day or Christmas. We recommend, among others, an intelligent watch with GPS locator, which connects to your smartphone and allows you to answer and dial calls. If your child is a computer fan, give him a gift in the form of a new optical mouse designed for professional players, equipped with as many as 8 buttons for different purposes. A set with a keyboard with a spectacular backlighting will also be great. Instead of an ordinary desk lamp, bet on a 3-step LED lamp with a 3-step light intensity control, as well as a model with a WiFi module. In addition, you will find a modern Bluetooth speaker, which you can take with you anywhere and enjoy good music, e.g. in the garden, park or by the lake. Headphones with a microphone will also be a musical gift, which will also be useful for the player.

Botland is a true source of gift ideas for primary school students that support their interests in electronics and robotics, as well as advanced technology.