Gifts to 100 PLN

Books, courses and simple device, fixation, perfect for people who want to start their adventure with electronics.

Best gifts to 100 rubles for the little ones

Approaching the festive period? Your godson, birthday or Your child celebrates the end of the 2nd grade of elementary school? In this case, a great choice will be giftsthat will not only entertain but also provide education and development! Educational toys do not necessarily have to be expensive and difficult to access – if you want to see this, it suffices to check the range of our store, which is in this category! The world of robotics and automation is not as difficult as it seems to most parents, children absorb knowledge with great pleasure, because they can create a modern environment, which until now was only seen in the movies. We have products that will go to each age group – so we recommend you to check what we want to show You!

For enthusiasts and fans

Minicomputers, controllers, components and structural elements, can never have too many in the closet natural passionate automation and robotics. We recommend the use of mini-computer Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other manufacturers (for example, Banana Pi) or equipment for them, because regardless of the power and performance of the system, it will certainly be consume. Systems characterized by weak parameters can be used for major projects, for example, for lighting control or automation of roller shuttersand more powerful, much more complex ideas, for example, production robotycznego shoulder or intelligent robot cleaning.

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