Would you like to surprise someone close to you with an unconventional and original gift? Are you missing ideas for a gift for a DIY enthusiast, robot and a fan of modern technology? Great, we will be happy to help you solve an eternal and often occurring problem, which will please your sister, friend, dad, work colleague or brother. Botland offers not only practical electronics, elements necessary for building robots and home automation systems, but also gadgets and accessories that appeal to everyone who is interested in technology, electronics and tools, regardless of age and gender. You can choose from accessories and gadgets, as well as practical gifts, i.e. proposals for gadgets and pragmatists. We have prepared a wide range of gifts for students and children, teenagers and adolescents who already have specific interests and hobbies, as well as students studying technical subjects. We have not overlooked adults, men and women's gifts. Moreover, we have attractive gift vouchers and educational toys for you.


  • Gifts for elementary school students Gifts for elementary school students

    Primary school is a special time in everyone's life. Very often even at this stage the first interests and hobbies are shaped, the abilities of pupils to be nurtured and developed are revealed. It is a time when a carefree child is still in the young person, but slowly a...

  • Gifts for teenagers high school / professional Gifts for teenagers high school / professional

    In high school, most teenagers already have specific interests, which they develop towards their future professional life. For some schools there is a choice of a class with a strong profile. Such educational proposals include IT, mechatronic or electronic classes. We have...

  • Gifts for students Gifts for students

    Are you wondering what else you can surprise a student studying at the Faculty of Science, including computer science and electronics? Would you like it to be a unique and practical gift, which will not be forgotten by him, but will give him great pleasure? If he is a fanatic...

  • Gifts for boyfriend / husband Gifts for boyfriend / husband

    Gifts for a real man who isn't afraid of anything and is proud of his interests. The guy is a pragmatist by nature, many men like to spend time repairing, tinkering and experimenting with electronic systems, under the hood of their car or robots and systems. It is for them...

  • Gifts for girlfriend / wife Gifts for girlfriend / wife

    Until recently, there was a belief that robotics, mechatronics and electronics were only for gentlemen. In the area of programming and computer science, it was difficult to find the beautiful sex, while today, ladies prove that they do very well in science and their...

  • Educational toys Educational toys

    Toys support your child's development, support their motor and manual skills and creativity. A lot depends, however, on which toys we show our little one and which we point out to him as tools for exploring the environment. We focus on educational toys, which in a very...

  • Gadgets Gadgets

    Are there fans of gadgets and interesting technological novelties here? Do you like accessories that make your everyday life easier and useful for the activities you do every day? Or maybe you would like to give a little surprise to a programmer, robot or DIY enthusiast? In...

  • Gift vouchers Gift vouchers

    Looking for a gift for a friend, wife, brother or husband? You're not quite sure what makes him or her happy? Give him a choice, but with some limitation. Let it be a gift that he chooses for himself at the Botland store. We offer gift vouchers that can only be redeemed in...

Products by page

Products by page

Gifts for young robotics engineers and do-it-yourselfers

We are trying to support young talents and cultivate technical development in children. We believe that the best results are achieved by the "learning through play" method. We know how important time is for a child to devote to carefree play. Let's not take away this pleasure and at the same time propose ideas for creative ways of spending free time. From an early age, children often show interest in robots and advanced technology. This is increasingly common because we are surrounded by automated and computerized devices from all over the world. All this makes a young, curious person want to learn more about how this unknown environment functions and what processes take place in it. A great challenge and at the same time an extremely fascinating adventure may turn out to be building his own robot. Children have great satisfaction when they do something on their own, even the smallest step forward is a great motivation for them to develop and act more intensively and with more commitment. For the youngest robotic engineers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts we have prepared special robot bodybuilding sets. For teenagers we recommend accessories and tools with which they will design and create a simple building automation system.

We have a wide range of educational toys of different levels and designed for specific age groups. They stimulate imagination and creativity, develop manual skills and spatial thinking. There is also room for interesting gadgets, such as key rings and mugs.

Robotics for everyone, no matter how old

You don't have to start at an early age to create your own system, robot or simple electronic device. If you know someone who is interested in electronics, often tinkers and shows a willingness to create new things, give them an exceptionally original gift. This could be a handheld smartphone stabilizer, a Raspberry Pi education kit, a smart watch or a universal meter. These are proposals not only for DIY enthusiasts, but also for lovers of modern technology, gadgets who like to be surrounded by accessories that make their everyday life easier. There is also something for the beautiful sex, which is not alien to electronic aspects. For a gift for a girl, choose for example an electronics basics course, a set for sewing smart clothes or a Bluetooth locator with buzzer and button. In our offer you will find gadgets in a truly feminine style. They are distinguished by rich colours and subtle patterns. Next to black and white there is pink and red. Women treat all accessories and gadgets as elements of their visual identity, they must match their tastes.

In Botland you will find slightly different than all gift ideas for your loved ones. It is an inspiration for those looking for creative gifts for do-it-yourselfers, electronics, high-tech fans and those following the changes in the automated world.