Extension cords and extension cords

In every contemporary home or office use several electronic devices. TVs and home theater systems, laptop computers while charging, the battery charger smartphones and tablets, lamps, APPLIANCES, and in the offices of printers, copiers, computers, cash register – all of these devices have connectors for power outlets. Hence the necessity of equipping the additional premises in the nest, but rather in the extension cords and extension cords.


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Products by page

Products by page

Extension cords for daily use

The most popular solution to the problem of insufficient number of outlets on a pdu. They allow you to host plugins for all devices in one place, disrupting the order of the wires. In this category you will find many models of the pdu. Noteworthy products Esperanza sockets, marked in bright colors: green, blue, red, yellow and dark blue. Straps are available in several versions – from 3 to 5 sockets – each of them can be equipped with a separate switch. The ability to turn off the power supply to the hub due to the presence (often only one) is, however, standard. In our store you can order such accessories with protection network and even 8 slots. The planks are supplied by such manufacturers as Acer, or Tracer.

Chaos ordered

If you don't need special shots, and just more places to plug power, get rozgałęziacze. Their advantage is the variety of types of sockets within one of the splitter can be installed in connector to plug-ins, or round and flat (when viewed from the side of the connection) to ground, and without it. Nests can be located in the same plane or at an angle that in some cases (very small number of places), of course, facilitates the use of these accessories. But if the difference in slots speech – note the modern extenders include, in addition to electrical connectors, including the USB connector. If the biggest problem is not so much the lack of outlets, if its distance from the powered device, will be an invaluable extension cords. In our offer you will find, particularly reliable, kilkudziesięciometrowe extension cords garden.

Smart sockets

The popularity of the "smart house" that appeared on the market sets of electrical outlets controlled by remote control. They bezinstalacyjne – is simply connected to the socket installed in the wall. A remote controlled socket to provide power to 1000 and allow configuration of the channels, thus eliminating the risk of mutual interference, and to manage multiple connectors with same remote. Of course, for proper operation it is necessary umiejętna configuration. All the tips you will find on the website of our store.