The hands of robots

The shoulder of the robot - Botland offers its customers a wide selection of the shoulders of robots for various applications. Here you will find both interesting devices for learning for children as high-tech products, thanks to which you will carry out a professional project or use them as a tool in the work. The product range includes a wide range of different robotic precision and application, to which you can connect a variety of zadaniowo tip. Here you will also find the bionic arm, grippers for various applications, tips that extend the capabilities of individual devices, and other accessories. By using our suggestions, you can create revolutionary inventions and lead important for humanity studies, thus creating a history of the development of automation and robotics.


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Products by page

The shoulders of the robots to Build a professional machine

Hands robots are currently more popular and readily available. Today, almost everyone with the appropriate dose of knowledge can build their own robot to bring home the first complex studies. These robots have been working for many companies, is also used in medicine, accurately perform complex operations on humans. Botland store offers ready-made solutions, such as programmable bioniczna hand. You can use it for research and to contribute to the development of prosthetics robotycznej, publishing their discoveries and achievements. We have professional equipment - for example, a mechanical arm with 4 degrees of freedom has an accuracy class up to 0.2 mm (obtained thanks to the high precision of execution and application of the appropriate servos). The manipulator includes a microcontroller, specialized drivers and software for easy learning of his movements. You can assign it to the kinematics and adapt it for their own purposes or use offers empowerment for an additional tip. Easy to connect to special robots, programmable parts intended, for example, for precision engraving, camera, visual, or rewrite it on a 3D printer. We also offer a special slajder, which will significantly increase the working surface of the robot.

Cooperation with project-Arduino and Raspberry Pi

We have robots that are designed to work with popular mikrokontrolerami such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. For frequently used ports such as standard RS-232, USB or the wireless communication channels (Bluetooth or wi-fi). The part of the robot is perfectly adapted for immediate programming of well-known developers such languages as C++, C#, Python or Java.