Mobile battery PowerBank

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, are powered from the battery. They are usually embedded in the device itself, but have a limited capacity, and, connected with it, relatively little work time in between charges. Discharged, you must charge the phone by connecting it to a powered network charger. Not always, however, possible. Come to the aid PowerBanki. These devices are nothing other than special mobile panels for charging mobile devices. Enough to have a portable charger and a corresponding charging cable that connects to the phone to start charging.


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Products by page

Products by page

The energy for charging mobile devices in your pocket

Thanks to the mobile battery to recharge your phone or tablet anywhere in the world. Devices such as PowerBank, ideal for socializing while Hiking, long trips by train or bus (not all of them are equipped with sockets). Thanks to him, we can always find a charger for your phone, regardless of whether we have access to the network or not. Selecting, respectively, a large, PowerBank, we can be sure that our smartphone will be charged on the following days.

A convenient energy source with an efficient battery

PowerBank is a compact device for charging phones and other devices charged via USB. The output of this kind of mobile battery, we find a standard USB port providing 5 volts and current, reaching the value of even more than 2 A. this Allows you to not only connect PowerBanku for phone, but and nutrition with many other devices. Besides the obvious applications ładowanis phones, tablets, watches, etc, it can charge some netbooks (small laptops) with USB-C port for power, and even connect modules Arduino or jednopłytkowe computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

How to choose portable charger

PowerBank describes a number of features and settings that you need to remember when choosing a specific device. On the one hand, as a mobile battery, it has a certain capacity. The more, the more builds up in the cargo, so a few times it will be possible to charge his phone, or longer to feed the Raspberry Pi before I have to charge the same PowerBanku. The device is available in the store Botland have a capacity of about 1,000 mAh to 20000 mAh. This is the first value corresponds to one or dwukrotnemu charging a modern smartphone. In turn, the second will allow you to charge the device for two weeks. You need to choose what output device settings for your phone. First of all we are talking about output current. Many models of phones allows you to charge a large current, so it's good to buy a portable charger with a current of at least 2 A.