The chain and matrix LED

Manual design matrix LED-it's certainly an ambitious project, burdened with a large risk of errors. First and foremost, is the soldering between individual LEDs and resistors and then combined them in rows and columns forming a matrix of LEDS and connections of the control system in the form of, for example, was programmed for the microcontroller. Such installation is very labor intensive, but you can make this process easy to get around with matrycom and at the expense of the LED, provide the store Botland. In our offer you will find accessories such as power supplies and controllers for strips and matrices of LEDS.


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Products by page

How to build a LED circuit?

A single chain of LEDs often has a width of approx. 10 mm and a length up to 5 m. Its structure allows the intersection between the LEDs, the components of its units. The LEDs are distributed along the chain, as a rule, from 50 to 120 LEDs per meter. The color and quality of the individual diodes affects the visual light effect in the chain of LEDS. On the other hand, the chain is factory-glued double-sided tape after removing it, you can stick a chain of LEDs to any surface. Since the electric circuit circuit LED flexible, it also allows you to install it on uneven surfaces with irregular structure. Such construction technology is characterized by multicolored LEDS, which is sufficient to connect one output of the microcontroller, to control them. Addressable LED strip allows a variety of lighting effects, in particular, the elements of decoration.

Power and connection LED backlight

Tape and LED often supply a constant voltage of 5V, but there are also modules that can be powered with 3V or 12V. To do this, the easiest option would be the power supply is AC 230V. Choosing a power supply, you need to pay attention to its output power, so it was big enough for planned number of powered LEDs in the matrix or film LED. One of the ways to connect the LED strip connection chain, which is that each piece of LED strip must be connected directly to a power source or other parts of the LEDs, which is connected to the power source. The connection method depends on the geometry of the conductors and shapes of the connectors in tape LED and the shape of the output connector of the power supply - if you love soldering, it will be the most flexible and cheap way of installation. If you don't want to use a soldering iron, you can use the connectors that connect modules, LED lighting and power supplies, without soldering.