RC drones

Although drones RC are still regarded by many as a toy, of course, offer civilization, great features and amenities. Flying models of radio controlled designs are used in almost every industry that ensures the users safety, convenience and the opportunity to look from another point of view. We suggest you to familiarize with the offer drones Remote Control in Botland, which will go for individuals and professionals with the appropriate authority.


  • Recreational drones

    Drones are associated with the photograph, image, video or security, the military. The flight, however, requires experience that is best to using cheaper equipment. Of course, they can serve also for a great game outdoors, so you should use their capabilities! We invite you...

  • DJI Mavic 2 drones
  • Educational drones

    Drones that are used to learn both flight mechanics and physics as well as programming the controllers in terms of algorithms used in flying machines.

  • Drony Yuneec
  • Helicopters

    Although RC helicopters are considered most people for toys, lovers of robotics and radio controlled, approach this subject very seriously. It is worth noting that this is often a complicated construction, which really began the history of drones. We recommend you to...

  • DJI Mavic Pro drones
  • Pozostałe drony
  • Walkera drones
  • Drone transmitters

    Flying with a drone or RC helicopter is a great fun which can also become art or your work. Photographers and camera operators widely use such tools for many amazing projects. However, a controlling device is a must when it comes to operating your helicopters and drones....

  • Flight controllers

    Modules used for samdzielnej construction drones

  • Gimbals
  • Drony Yuneec
  • DJI Spark drones
  • Akcesoria do dronów


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Products by page

Products by page

RC drones in the service – monitoring of large objects

Technology is increasingly replacing human when performing many tasks. One of them is, in particular, the monitoring of large facilities, workshops and warehouses. You no longer need to hire people who will continually walk after the territory, as they can replace them with automated drones that will constantly monitor, transfer and save the video and audio signal with the mountains. Thanks to the use of drones in protected areas, guards are much less vulnerable to direct confrontation with potential enemy, a thief or threat. Increasingly, they are used in places in which the finding may cause a negative impact on the body and health.

Drones in photography and on dangerous assignments

Photos and videos will never be the same since then, as producers and artists for your equipment, add drones. Shooting stunning scenery with mountains and flowing transitions of the image of the city is something beautiful that always impresses consumers. RC drones can be transferred for monitoring unknown location to in front of the place, to check its potential risks. This is a great equipment that improves the safety of rescue, medical, fire, police, MOUNTAIN, Tatra voluntary rescue service, etc. we Invite you to learn how to work with dronem – Botland in the offer everyone will find products tailored to their abilities.

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