Drones and RC cars

Drones and RC vehicles - a Category that in recent years was not a small development. In the beginning regarded as small toys, are now often used in larger scale RC drones are devices, leading more and more popularity. Used in film, advertising, photography, and simple tools for learning to fly. We offer You many different models and parts, as well as holders, chargers, bags and various accessories chosen especially for You. If you are looking for a suitable drone shop Botland is the perfect place.


  • Drones Syma Drones Syma

    Drones Syma - Almost every man once dreamed of flying, although not everyone has the ability or courage to personally take to the air. The perfect alternative to celestial antics have become complex missions made with the aid of drones. The remote-controlled device allows us...

  • Drones DJI Mavic Drones DJI Mavic

    Drones DJI Mavic are characterized by compact dimensions and relatively low weight, which provides full mobility. In addition, different simple and easy control, so it can be used by people even with little experience. Moreover, quality camera provides not only clear vision...

  • Drones DJI Phantom Drones DJI Phantom

    Chinese brand DJI for a few years of existence, has gained a strong position in the construction market flying. It created the drones represent the high-end platform for wideofilmowania and are even used by professionals. In the headquarters of the DJI located in Shenzen,...

  • Drones Tello Drones Tello

    Drones are probably the first devices that are capable of flight, which broke the hegemony of the traditional models flying. Enthusiasts have found them, however, much more applications than just the flight to the target, a race or to perform more or less complex evolution in...

  • Drones DJI Inspire Drones DJI Inspire

    DJI drones are produced since 2006 in Shenzen China, the cradle of modern technology. Currently, the products brand, become known, and with pleasure choose the audience around the world. Represented in this category of drones the DJI Inspire belong to the category of...

  • Drones Like Drones Like

    You want zaszpanować the latest flying gadget on the market? Quite near an electric line or subsequent pad? It is necessary to understand our proposal, drone Like. It's a unique thing that allows an incredible fun and entertainment for both older and younger. Each of us has an...

  • The rest of the drones The rest of the drones

    Lovers of drones happy to test different designs flying. Therefore, in addition to the most popular quadro and hexacopterów, we also offer other less known but equally interesting models. Thus, if you are looking for drone DJI, Yuneec, Tello and see Syma dedicated departments...

  • Models and RC cars Models and RC cars

    With remote control RC In this category we welcome You to the wonderful world of radio controlled cars and robots! Plenty of choice and reasonable prices, this is a great idea, for example, for a gift. The questions themselves or in the near future, unique gift. Nothing...

  • Control equipment Control equipment

    Control equipment is an integral part of each set of RC – regardless of whether we have to activate simple models for games and training pilots as well as multifunctional and professional drones. The right choice of equipment you need to start with determining the number and...

  • Spare parts Spare parts

    Daily operation of drones is associated with the inevitable risk of damage to sensitive items. In the case of drones without a cover, covering, in addition to the body also shoulders car, the most exposed of the propeller during high speed rotation, the least collision with...

  • Gimbale and handles Gimbale and handles

    Technology race in the smartphone market is gradually becoming a struggle for the camera – every one of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices trying even a second ahead of competitors, setting higher and higher quality camera. Increases the complexity of the optics,...

  • Batteries and chargers Batteries and chargers

    Time maintaining the drone in flight – without the importation into the ground for changing batteries depends on the mass of the load applied and the actuators, and (to the extent) the quality of the battery. The application of original, high quality battery not only...

  • Suitcases transport Suitcases transport

    Pictures for professionals transporting expensive equipment for obvious reasons, one of the key issues in their daily work. More and more people involved in a professional photo adds to your range also pictures the air with drones. Wielowirnikowce is also clearly visible...

  • Accessories for drones Accessories for drones

    Flight operations and be able to show the complex evolution of this great advantages of drones. However, it can be assumed that these devices would not take even parts of such a huge popularity, if their use was limited only for these two functions. Meanwhile, the drones in a...

  • Filters Filters

    It is easy to see that in every professional photo shoot, regardless of locations and types of disputes, participation in the Arsenal of equipment have numerous small accessories. Some of them has the task of creating the right lighting scene or image stabilization (for...

  • Electric skateboards Electric skateboards

    Electric skateboards Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular not only among young people. Use them as kids, treating them as a fun and adults in order to move from point a to point B Are a great and reliable vehicle in very crowded cities. Avoid standing in...

  • Industrial drones DJI Industrial drones DJI

    DJI is the most popular brand in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly called drones. The headquarters of the company is located in Shenzhen city and factories scattered practically all over the globe. The company, in addition to the drones, also produces the web...


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Products by page

Products by page

Where a person can not, there is a drone will be sent.

Beautiful photos of landscapes, inaccessible by land, the places we want to explore or exploration of dangerous areas in the police? All of this can perform for us drones RC, without unnecessary damage to their health or life. Przymierzają courier company for parcel delivery with these devices is not the future, it is happening now! In our offer you can find machines for beginners who want to learn how to fly, as for professionals seeking equipment for the job.

Car RC in the service of man.

Thanks to the use of drones we can, for example, to follow the object, without the guards for a meeting with the thieves, who often covers red-handed, act impulsively and can cause someone harm. RC drones in our store, capable to record video in HD or to transmit the image live. Control can be carried out using special equipment or smartphone. In our offer there are numerous accessories as well as lessons and instructions for the manufacture and maintenance of drones.

On using - drones and RC vehicles!

Rescue services use drones to improve the efficiency of their actions and care about their own safety in difficult conditions and terrain. Instead of the risk of damage to health, better to send the machine to the research area or situation. Broadcast real-time video allows the operator to understand, today, in a crisis situation and make the best of the moment decision. In section Drones RC you will find machines that meet the tough challenges.

A wide selection of rooms

Assortment choice our shop, You can be sure of high quality, and in case of any questions, any doubts, please contact our technical Department. We are here for you. In section Drones RC You will find everything you need to begin your adventure with a flight these Pro machines. Besides, in assortment there are also helicopters, quadrocoptery, hexacoptery and many others. We invite you to familiarize with our offer prepared specially for You!