Drones and RC cars

Drones and RC vehicles – this is a category that is so popular today. Remote terrestrial and aerial vehicles have undergone many transformations in recent years. Initially, such devices were treated as children's toys. Over time, however, they began to be used on a large scale. Today, in some places of the world, drones are widely used in industry and business. They are responsible for geographical analyzes and transport of parcels directly to the door.


  • Drones Syma Drones Syma

    Small Syma drones are the perfect solution for people who are looking for the first remote controlled flying machine for themselves. For years, people dreamed of flying, but technical possibilities remained limited. Currently, we can not only fly alone, but we can control...

  • Drones DJI Mavic Drones DJI Mavic

    Meet the Mavic drones of the famous DJI manufacturer. It can be safely said that DJI is not only one of the largest companies in the world dealing in the professional production of flying machines, but also a kind of monopoly on this market. The company was founded in 2006 by...

  • Drones DJI Phantom Drones DJI Phantom

    If you are interested in drones, this category is for you! We present the highest quality DJI Phantom series drones.

  • Drones Tello Drones Tello

    Drones are probably the first devices capable of flight, which interrupted the hegemony of traditional flying models. Enthusiasts have found a lot more applications for them than just flying to a destination, racing or performing more or less complex evolutions in the air....

  • Drones DJI Inspire Drones DJI Inspire

    DJI drones have been produced since 2006 in Shenzen - the Chinese cradle of modern technologies, referred to as the "Silicon Valley" of China. It was then that DJI was founded, which is probably the best known manufacturer of modern drones and flying machines. Currently, the...

  • The rest of the drones The rest of the drones

    Those who are passionate about drones like to experiment with different flying devices. That is why we at Botland decided to include lesser known but equally attractive models in our offer, besides the more popular quadro- and hexacopters . That being said, if you are...

  • Models and RC cars Models and RC cars

    In this category, we welcome you to the wonderful world of remote-controlled vehicles and robots! This is a place that the youngest users, parents, but also enthusiasts of having fun with robots will love!

  • Control equipment Control equipment

    The control equipment is an integral part of every RC set (Radio Controlled Engines / Vehicles). This applies to both simple remote-controlled children's play cars and aircraft for learning pilotage as well as multi-functional and advanced drones. Choosing the right...

  • Spare parts Spare parts

    Using a drone everyday is inseparably tied with the risk of suffering from damages to the especially vulnerable elements. Moreover, if a drone is not equipped with dedicated cover that protects not only the main body but also its arms, the propellers are the most...

  • Gimbale and handles Gimbale and handles

    Grippers, handles, gimbals – these are extremely important elements when it comes to using (or modernizing) a drone or the robots it created. The ability to grasp objects and move them in different ways is one of the most important evolutionary features of man and other...

  • Batteries and chargers Batteries and chargers

    The time to keep the drone in flight is one of the most important parameters when it comes to choosing the machine you want to buy. The length of time without having to bring the drone to the ground to replace the batteries is a very important parameter. This factor depends on...

  • Suitcases transport Suitcases transport

    For professional photographers and operators, safe transportation of expensive equipment is obviously one of the key issues in everyday work. More and more people dealing with professional photography are also adding aerial photography using drones. It is estimated that aerial...

  • Accessories for drones Accessories for drones

    Since the last decade drones have conquered the world. And all indications are that the popularity of flying devices will not be less. Quite the opposite - work is already underway on the mass use of drones in business and industry (the known case is the use of intelligent...

  • Filters Filters

    There is no doubt that many small accessories can make or break a professional photoshoot, wherever the location and whatever the subject. Every photographer worthy of the title can attest to that. Some of those elements are responsible for creating flattering lighting, some...

  • Electric skateboards Electric skateboards

    Electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular with everybody - they are no longer just for teenagers ! They are used by little kids because they are loads of fun and by adults for moving quickly from point A to B. In fact, they are a great mode of transportation,...

  • Industrial drones DJI Industrial drones DJI

    DJI is the world's most popular brand of unmanned aerial vehicles commonly called drones. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, which is now referred to as the Chinese ‘Silicon Valley’. In turn, the factories themselves in which DJI drones are created are located on...


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Products by page

Products by page

What is more, drones and remote vehicles are used in the film, advertising and photography industries. They serve as simple tools for learning to fly and as advanced controlled machines. With drones and remote control parts at your disposal, you can create an amazing machine of your dreams.

In this category, we offer a lot of different models and spare parts such as handles, chargers, suitcases and various accessories selected especially for you. If you're looking for the drone or ground vehicle that's right for you - the Botland store is the perfect place.

RC Machines & Drones – unlimited possibilities

Beautiful landscapes not available from the ground? Hard to reach places that need to be explored? Scouting dangerous areas for a police or army unit? Geography and nature analysis?

All this can be done for us by RC drones without unnecessarily endangering your health or life. Large business corporations and scientific institutions are already using drones for their work. Well-known global courier companies intend to deliver packages on a massive scale using drones. It all happens here and now!

RC machines help humanity in many aspects of life and it is estimated that their importance for economy, recreation and science will be even greater. The use of drones makes it possible to guard a given object without compromising the health of bodyguards, do scouts and observe nature.

In our online store you will find a lot of types of RC drones. The presented models are able to record video in high definition HD and broadcast live image. They also have many other useful functions built in. Importantly, the features can be expanded. Noteworthy is also easy control, which can be done using a dedicated apparatus or mobile phone. In addition, our offer includes numerous accessories, as well as guides and instructions for building and operating drone.

The specialized usage of drones

Nowadays drones are not only recreational machines. Emergency services use drones to improve the efficiency of their activities and care for their own safety in difficult conditions and terrain. Instead of risking injury, it is better to send the machine to explore the terrain or situation. The broadcast live image allows the operator to orientate himself in an emergency situation and make the best decision at the moment. In the RC Drones section you will find machines that will meet the most difficult challenges. Presented machines in this category are used by amateurs and professionals, students and scientists, photographers and emergency services and the police!

Choose the best drone for yourself!

By choosing an assortment from our store you can be sure of the highest quality products. Our drones are manufactured by the best producers in the industry. We add a manual to each set that will help you understand and understand how the device works.

In the RC Drones section you will find everything you need to get started with flying these clever machines. In addition, helicopters, quadrocopters, hexacopters and many other remote controlled machines are also on offer. Choose from dozens of models such as Syma, Mavic, Phantom, Tello, Inspire and others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our technical department. We are here for you. We love to talk about modern technologies, programmable electronics and drones, so we will be happy to solve any problem you encounter! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer prepared especially for you!