Laser scanners

A revolution in the field of optical sensors was the use of a laser as a light source. The laser uses the phenomenon of stimulated emission, thanks to which the radiation produced by it is very coherent and has the form of a beam with very low scattering. Lasers are now a basic tool in industry and medicine, but also are the basis of many modern technologies and interesting electronic projects. Due to its properties, a laser can provide a very high power of the light beam in a narrow spectral region. How do these properties affect the parameters of the sensors? You can find out for yourself easily by using laser scanners and laser distance sensors available in Botland's offer in your projects.


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This category includes modern laser scanners and laser distance sensors, laser rangefinders that will be useful in many applications. Some of them can be boldly used to build DIY projects, another part can be used by itself, for example, for measuring distances, measuring areas or measuring volumes. Enjoy your shopping now in Botland!

Laser scanners and laser rangefinders – long distance is no longer a problem

Long range, high accuracy, insensitivity to ambient lighting and attractive price make laser rangefinders and laser scanners very popular! It is hardly surprising because their use is very versatile. The laser technology enables very precise measurement that is not exposed to larger measurement errors.

Laser distance sensors are characterized by a large measuring range while maintaining high measurement precision. We offer you Lidar TFMini series sensors with UART and I2C interface with a range of up to 12 m with a measurement accuracy of 0.05-0.06 m, thanks to which you will arm your robot with an effective anti-collision system. You can read data from this sensor up to 100 times per second!

If you need an even larger measuring range, we have a Lidar Lite sensor with a range of 40 m for you. Also pay attention to the Lidar TF03 model with a measuring range of up to 180 m! The latter model has been placed in a modern IP67 housing and equipped with interfaces such as UART, CAN, RS232 and RS485.

In applications requiring a wide viewing angle, you can use the Lidar CE30 laser distance sensors with viewing angles of 60 or 130 degrees horizontally and 4 and 9 degrees vertically, respectively. All these devices are characterized by very high durability and measurement accuracy. Once purchased, they will serve you for many years, while still remaining in perfect condition!

Laser distance meters – intelligent measuring devices

Regardless of whether you are looking for a measuring device for renovation work, inspection work on production lines or work in the open air, choosing a laser rangefinder will always be recommended. This is due to the fact that for this type of activity the use of professional and accurate measuring tools is required. And that's what laser rangefinders are.

It does not matter how accurately you would like to use them, measuring with meters tend to produce measurement values ​​with greater error. Classic analog measurement methods tend to be more unreliable, and in many applications even a single centimeter is of great importance (e.g. in construction). So if we have to measure longer elements and these are to be accurate measurements, then we must take advantage of the benefits of laser technology. We can forget about problems related to measurement inaccuracy if we choose a high-quality laser rangefinder. It is worth noting that these meters can not only measure distance, but also tilt angle, area and volume.

Lasers and object mapping in robotics

Do you want to build an autonomous robot that will move on its own? We have a precise 2D laser scanner of the RPLidar A2M8 series for you, thanks to which your robot will create a map of the area in which it will move. The scanner works in the area of ​​360 degrees with a range of 6 m. It sends as many as 4000 measurement samples per second! The distance measurement resolution of this scanner is <1% of the measuring range, and the angle is 0.45 to 1.35 degrees. Equipped with a serial link for communication with the control system. Closed in an aesthetic casing with dimensions: diameter - 76 mm, height - 41 mm. The manufacturer provides the software with the source code, which will certainly facilitate the integration of the scanner in your projects. As you can see from the examples above, laser scanners have really many applications. Explore laser scanners with Botland!