Laser scanners

A revolution in the field of sensor technology in the field of optical sensors has been the application of laser as a light source. The laser uses a phenomenon of forced emission, whereby radiation produced through it is very consistent and has the shape of a beam with very small scatters. Therefore, it is possible to obtain very high beam power in a narrow spectral region. How these properties affect parameters of sensors, you can convince yourself using in their projects, laser scanners and laser distance sensors available in the offer Botland.


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Laser scanners and laser distance sensors

Long distance is not a problem

Laser distance sensors are characterized by a large measurement range and high measurement accuracy. We offer You a series of Lidar sensors TFMini with UART interface and I2C, a range of up to 12 m with a measurement accuracy of 0.05-0.06 m, due to which uzbroisz your robot effective system to prevent collisions. Data from this sensor can read up to 100 times per second! If you need a larger measurement range, we have the sensor Lite Lidar with a range of 40 m and rekordzistę – TF03 Lidar on a distance up to 180 meters! The last closed in the enclosure IP67 equipped with UART, CAN, RS232 and RS485. In applications requiring a wide angle of view, you can use the laser distance sensors of the series Lidar CE30, with angles of 60 and 130 degrees horizontal and, respectively, 4 and 9 degrees vertically.

Mapping objects

You want to build an Autonomous robot that can move on their own? We have for You accurate laser scanner 2D series RPLidar A2M8, thanks to which Your robot will perform a map of the area in which to move. The scanner works in the area 360 degrees with a range of 6 meters. Sends up to 4000 samples measurements per second! The resolution of distance measurements of the scanner is < 1% of the measuring range and angle from 0.45 to 1.35 degrees. Has a serial connection for communication with the control system. Closed in the aesthetic case with dimensions: diameter – 76 mm height – 41 mm. the Manufacturer provides the software along with the source code that will definitely facilitate your integration of the scanner into Your projects. Explore laser scanners, thanks to Botland!