Books about Raspberry Pi

In the category “Books about the Raspberry Pi” we offer many items that are useful not only for people first having contact with electronics, or fee. You will find here many ideas for the use of one of the most popular tiles and different kind of projects that you can do yourself. You can also use various kinds of reference books. Some of them have included the device itself is a very convenient option for people who do not yet have its own tile. To read we also recommend you books that move a much broader topics such as IoT (in English, the Internet of Things, Internet of Things) - they represent an overview of the problem that also takes into account the use of Raspberry Pi as one of the most popular tools for the creation of the ideology of the IoT to life.

Books about Raspberry Pi

Books about the Raspberry Pi are not only about the card development. Of course, we find here kompendia knowledge and ideas about practical ways of using such a tool, but in this category you can also find plenty of knowledge associated thematically with minikomputerem and thank you reading this to understand a much broader concept. A great example is the “Python for hackers and pentesterów”. It relates directly to the Python programming language, which is widely used by developers for many years. Is an excellent tool for it professionals, for many applications, but can also be the language used for programming the Raspberry Pi. We also offer a provision that significantly ogólniejsza and introduces the fundamentals of programming in the Python example.

Programming for the future!

Programming is one of the skills that will allow much fuller use of the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi. Knowledge of a programming language opens great opportunities before they will teach. This means the skills of abstract thinking, based on logic, and in spite of this other than in similar areas (both exact Sciences and Humanities, or linguistic). The man who will not be one language, it is much easier to understand another is of greater value in the modern labour market.

What else do we offer?

The next book is the possibilities that creates for the developer tool JavaScript is often used to create web applications. It provides programming functions and behaviour of robots or, for example, tiles of the Raspberry Pi. In offer we also have magazines, which includes news from the world of the popular tile - Malinki (in English).