Screens for Raspberry Pi

Displays, LCD screens, TFT, touch panel for Raspberry Pi. The creation of a small computer with unlimited possibilities, which can be adapted for almost all the action was the dream of all professionals for decades! These dreams just come to life, along with the development minikomputera Raspberry and accessories that are designed!


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Products by page

Products by page

Wanting to create the most effective system, which will be developed in accordance with your requirements, we offer you a range of equipment such as displays Raspberry Pi.

Quality and price – for each best offer

To meet the expectations of demanding people, we want to offer you a variety of different products, which differ from each other, including: size, price, resolution, and even purpose.

Connection and installation is very simple, as even advanced models, in most cases, available with installation instructions, special drivers or do not require the users of such actions need only a simple code change that ensures the proper setting.

In our product range, customers will find simple displays for the price of a few tens of rubles (intended, for example, to read virtual Newspapers and e-books), as well as much more advanced models of large touch screens, which appear due to the infinitely large possibilities for advanced users.

Displays Raspberry Pi and equipment

Wanting to create your first system based on Raspberry and display, you need to define your specific expectations, so as to perform a simple action, simply pads with smaller screens. In the case that the creation of structures resembling minikomputer or tablet, you need to take into account large, comfortable and functional touch screens LCD – the bigger the product, the easier maintenance.

For the first group, the use case is not mandatory, but for another, it is almost basis, so the effect on the operating comfort of the entire system.