Board compatible with Arduino

Both advanced experts of programmable electronics and novice programmers of embedded systems appreciated the quality and extraordinary functionality of the boards created by Italian manufacturer Arduino. Therefore, many other companies producing embedded systems decided to meet the needs of their consumers and provide boards that are fully compatible with the Arduino platform. Legal board clones are almost identical and offer the same set of features. Their big advantage is that they are available at lower prices compared to Arduino. Arduino clones can be a good opportunity especially for beginner programmers who are looking for a wide range of possibilities for development and design at a particularly affordable price. It is also a great alternative to experimenting with trial projects. Nevertheless, their functionality is still at high level and the boards are very similar to the originals. We are happy to say that in our Botland store you can find hundreds of products that allow you to expand your Arduino boards collection! Check the products from the list below and see how many useful extensions for Arduino you can buy!


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    Arduino is an Italian manufacturer that has become extremely popular due to its mission to make the learning process of embedded systems more accessible for all users. The ability to create open projects and use a free programming environment has won the appreciation and trust...


Voltage to
Voltage from
UC - Microkontroler
UC - Flash
UC - Digital pins
Voltage output from
Output voltage to
UC - freq
UC - Core
UC - Ethernet
UC - WiFi
UC - Bluetooth
UC - I2C
UC - SPI interface
UC - CAN interface
UC - C/A
UC - A/C
UC - analog in
UC - microSD

Products by page

Products by page

Specification of Arduino board clones

The biggest advantage of legal Arduino clones is the fact that they are almost identical to the originals. All the other manufacturers of embedded systems have provided for the boards to be Open Source platforms and have the same compatibility. There are no significant differences between original Arduino and the clone boards. The latter are equipped with built-in bootloader, which is a program dedicated especially to Arduino. Therefore, the boards can also use the support of Arduino manufacturer, and the bootloader itself can be updated on a regular basis, depending on the type of microcontroller on which the clone board works. The boards use microcontrollers such as ATMega328 and have the same GPIO port layout as the original Arduino series. In our product list you can find many great substitutes for Arduino modules. Both professionals as well as beginners in the field of electronics and embedded systems can find components that allow them to build fascinating projects.

Arduino clones - the basis for interesting electronic projects

Like the original Arduino modules, board clones offer a wide range of possibilities to create advanced devices. In the Botland store you can find many compatible elements that let you build amazing projects. Most of the components are at a much more affordable price, yet you can find all the elements you need for your current project.

You can upload custom source code to Arduino clones or the ones written by you. You have the opportunity to show creativity and innovative thinking, because when designing with such parts you are only limited by your own imagination. Arduino clones allow you to create projects such as burglar alarm, electric gate, CNC machine tool programmer, line-follower robot, music synthesizer and much, much more! The clones are also equipped with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi communication circuits. To put it simply, Arduino clones offer many possibilities at a low price!

Why the Arduino clones?

There are many reasons, and they may vary depending on whether you are a professional or a hobbyist. But one thing is certain - legal Arduino clones are all you need to create complex and interesting designs, and all this at a lower price than original ones. This is especially appreciated by people starting to learn embedded systems and electronics. Due to the popularity of Arduino modules, it is very advisable to start learning with boards compatible with products from this developer. The difference between clones and originals is almost imperceptible. Therefore, legal clones can be an excellent alternative for both hobbyists or beginners. But that doesn't mean that advanced programmers won't appreciate Arduino clones. The boards are enough to create very complex projects and experiment in any way a designer wants. Even for users who have been working with Arduino boards for a very long time, there is little difference when it comes to the clones.