Board compatible with Arduino

The Arduino platform since its introduction in the market has become one of the most popular solutions among those who wants to start adventure with embedded systems from scratch, as someone with many years of experience in widely understood programming and electronics. The great success of the Arduino has done what other manufacturers of embedded systems has expanded its range of tiles compatible with this platform. Our range includes over 100 different modules, with which you will be able to improve your Arduino Board.



Voltage to
Voltage from
UC - Microkontroler
UC - Flash:
UC - Digital pins:
Voltage output from
Output voltage to
UC - freq:
UC - Core
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - I2C
UC - SPI interface
UC - CAN interface
UC - C/A
UC - A/C:
UC - analog in
UC - microSD

Products by page

Products by page

What to look for when the Arduino clones?

The popularity of the Arduino platform, and the fact that it is a platform Open source, made so that other manufacturers of embedded systems implemented in the production of analogues of the original Arduino. Between the original plates Arduino, and their legitimate clones from other manufacturers, does not have significant differences. In the same way as the originals, they use microcontrollers, such as, for example, and ATMega328 have the same location of the GPIO ports. Other basic elements rzutujące compatibility tiles is a built-in bootloader, then there is a special loader for the Arduino and the support of the company's Arduino. The boot loader can be upgraded depending on the microcontroller built into the cost of an Arduino clone.

The Arduino clones is the basis of interesting projects, electronic

On offer are Botland modules, compatible with Arduino, allow you to create many interesting devices, as well as the basis of the original modules with the Arduino.

Writing your own source code or by loading a clone of the Arduino code authorship another user, you can build such projects as, for example, the robot line follower, programmer CNC, electric gate, alarm, light sensor for lighting control, synthesizer, music, and many others. Programmability of the Arduino clones limited only by the imagination of the designer. Embedded systems for communication modules, compatible with Arduino using Bluetooth and wi-fi, allow remote control of different devices and technological processes, for a small price.