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Drivers servos are very important elements of the management system serwomechanizmami. A typical design of servo is based on several elements, which include the motor, the feedback system and the driver. Circuit driver, the feedback system gives information about the angular position of the servo, to allow the driver to send the correct signal to tune the engine servo in the desired position. Servo drive systems with drivers are based on a closed feedback loop, which has the advantage over open loop that allows you to achieve the best parameters of the reaction of the servo and reduces the sensitivity to noise of operating errors and improves the stability of the entire system.


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The newest technology of servo drivers

In the era of fast developing electronics and software manufacturers have developed models for even greater management capabilities serwem. Drivers series USB from Polou Maestro have a very high resolution of the control signal and high stability, which allows for precise, without hesitation, management serwomechanizmami. Among the unique features of Polou drivers, there is also the option of adjusting rate of change of the angular position of the controlled flow, the possibility of disconnection of supply , as well as advanced display commands for control optimization. Driver module Polou, can be controlled three ways: Via USB connector directly to the computer serial port TTL to work with embedded systems (e.g. Arduino) and software, a script recorded in memory of the controller. The channels of the controller can be configured as digital outputs, analog inputs and outputs control signals serwem signal and ESC to control the motors, which in combination with compact size, allows the use of drivers in vehicles with remote control. High accuracy, the duration of transient oscillations of less than 200 NS, and a built-in control of speed and acceleration, make serwomechanizmy work smoothly and accurately. Because of this, drivers Polou well suited for use in applications as a professional.

Management serwem using Arduino

The servo is a very useful device and can also be controlled directly from the Arduino, and with the help of designed for this purpose linings. Using one analog input and one PWM output in Arduino, we can control serwem in proportion to the transferred amount. To the PWM signal could control serwem must have a period of 20ms and most of the time of one cycle, to present testimony low. At the beginning of each cycle, using a time lag of 1 to 2 MS must be high status, while response time (1 msec corresponds to niezmiennemu position kątowemu and time is 2 MS, which corresponds to the rotation angle of 180°. This is the most favorable control method. Remember that to download the Arduino library to work turns off PWM signal on pins 9 and 10 (on the Arduino UNO and the other with the same Pinout). Managing services using with the built-in Arduino library to support the service is simple, but then each servo requires a PWM output. In the case of larger projects, perfect the multi-channel driver supply from Adafruit, Arduino-compatible. Among them, 16-channel PWM driver from Adafruit, which generates the PWM signal with 12-bit resolution that allows simultaneous control of szesnastoma services using only two pins and the Arduino. In our store you will find drivers servos suitable for your own project.