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Your designs Arduino every month more and more powerful and constantly develop your skills? Of course, will soon appear on the horizon of possibilities that a few months earlier was not available and they will demand more and more complex components, e.g., shields for Arduinothat you can find in our store.


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Products by page

Products by page

Main display to an Arduino for each

Popular rumor has it that the most popular design, based on minikomputerach Arduino, a simple weather station that uses sensors, light, wind, precipitation, temperature, etc. of Course, somewhere in all information must appear to users to be able to read them, and the best way will be to use display. For this you don't need additional color or touch models (although in the future can be an interesting twist and innovation), and only simple, kilkurzędowego LCD display.

With these small elements can create a lot more useful and impressive models – recall that a few years ago, each cell phone was equipped with a simple graphical display. Displays for Arduino can be
smart communication interface or present users thus, vital information about the battery status, time, etc.

The advanced color LCD display to Arduino – endless possibilities

If the Arduino is an advanced minikomputer and has almost unlimited possibilities for settings, it all depends on the skill of the designer and the programmer. Using colored or even touch screens, you can create design dorównujące the largest electronic equipment manufacturers.

If you already have a man advanced and your knowledge of Arduino goes for home automation and weather station, you definitely should ask about such possibilities, we recommend you to see the range of Botland store.

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