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Are your Arduino constructions getting more and more advanced every month and you are constantly developing your skills? Certainly, they will quickly appear on the horizon of opportunities that were unavailable a few months ago and they will require more and more advanced components, such as Arduino displays, which can be found in our store.


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Products by page

Products by page

Basic displays for Arduino for everyone

Popular rumor has it that the most popular design, based on Arduino mini-computers, are simple weather station that uses sensors, light, wind, precipitation, temperature, etc. Of course, somewhere all the information must appear in order for users to be able to read it, and the best way to do this is to use the display. For this purpose, you don't need additional color or touch models (although in the future can be an interesting twist and innovation), but only a simple, multi-line LCD display.

With the help of these small elements you can create many more useful and impressive layouts - we remind you that several years ago, every mobile phone was equipped with such a simple graphic display. Displays for Arduino can be a great communication interface or to present the information important for the users in this way - about the battery status, working time, etc.

Advanced colour LCD displays for Arduino – endless possibilities

Since Arduino is such an advanced minicomputer and has almost unlimited configuration possibilities, everything depends only on the skills of the constructor and programmer. With the help of colour or even touchscreen displays, you can create designs to match those of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment.


If you are already an advanced person and your knowledge about Arduino goes beyond home automation and weather stations, you should certainly be interested in such opportunities - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Botland store offer.

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