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Displays play a very important role in electronic projects, especially if we want fast and clear feedback. The LCD display will be very easy to connect to the board with which it will work. It needs to be properly programmed to be adapted to the role assigned to it. LCD displays for Arduino have found application in many areas. In some projects they are even necessary and only with their use you can create a specific device. The displays are needed to design and create a mobile computer game as well as an advanced weather station. It is also a good solution for a digital camera. Experienced electronics engineers also use them in extensive and very complex projects of humanoid robots. In our offer you will find a wide range of Arduino displays, differing in technical parameters. There are models designed for e-book readers, equipped with special technology that ensures safety for the user's eyes.


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Products by page

Products by page

When should you use the displays for Arduino?

If you are working on a project, the display will provide you with important feedback that can be useful for its improvement and further development. We mount the displays either permanently or only as a temporary part of the board, making them ideal for prototyping. However, the individual models often differ in key parameters for the project. They are different from segment displays, however, based on eight segments, which are only used to display the values of individual parameters. The displays dedicated to Arduino already display much more characters, not only numbers, but also letters. They are great for presenting menus as well as longer messages. You can move around the menu freely, choosing a specific option that interests you. The displays are mostly two-coloured, the screen is green or blue and the letters are black or white. Some models allow you to display a colored image, which contributes to both better and clearer messages. Such displays are used, among others, in the construction of mobile games.

Displays for Arduino come in many variants, so you can adjust them individually to the design you create and the purpose and character of the device. In some cases a two-color display will be perfect, in other cases it will be necessary to use a display with a color image.

Which display for Arduino? Hints!

Our shop offers many different models of displays, from simple to universal to more advanced for the most ambitious projects. Among them there are simple segmented displays, which will meet the expectations of designers working on a less complicated project. An alternative to them are two-colour LCD displays, which allow for displaying much more complicated messages. There are also technologically advanced TFT LCD screens that display colour images. An interesting model is the display made in e-paper technology. It is used, among others, to create e-book readers. They are characterized, among other things, by low energy consumption, because it is consumed only when the image status changes. If a fixed image is displayed, the device does not consume power. Such technology also has a good impact on the human eye. We can read for longer without the risk of impairing our eyesight.

We connect the displays with Arduino plate in several ways. Most models can be connected using GPIO pins, I2C, SPI and USB interfaces. The displays available in our shop come from renowned manufacturers such as DFRobot, OEM, OpenPlatform, Waveshare, Adafruit, Seeedstudio and SparkFun. All of them are characterized by high quality and work efficiency. Choose the right model for your project, paying attention to its parameters and capabilities to fulfill your plan.