RepRap boards

3D printers are extremely useful tools perfect for manufacturing small plastic components. Most 3D printers apply different technical solutions to assemble big objects by using many small elements and matching them together. However, there are no sufficiently important reasons to claim that a 3D printer needs a built-up working chamber.

RepRap printers are a living proof that there are no structural limitations to such machines and it opens up a new range of possibilities that cannot be offered by traditional 3D printers.

The characteristics of the RepRap printers

RepRap is the first self-replicating machine in the history of mankind that enables three-dimensional printing. Since most of the components of the RepRap printers are made of plastic, the machine can also print the parts itself. is an open source project co-created by many people around the world. The authors of the project intended to enable users to build their own 3D printer instead of buying a ready-to-use machine. Most of the 3D RepRap printers are designed with various easily accessible components such as screws and bolts, bearings, stepper motors, Arduino modules and many more. The concept of the RepRap printer assumes that it should be possible to print the mechanical components essential for its construction on any other identical printer. It means that if you have a RepRap printer, then you can successfully print RepRap printer components for another person.

RepRap - the ultimate 3D printer

Standard commercial 3D printers usually cannot be modified by the customer. However, RepRap makes it possible thanks to the fact that it is an open source project. Since the start of the RepRap project, you can also obtain a range of accessories to build a self-replicating machine, including the ones available in the Botland store - LCD controllers, optical limit switches and heatbeds. You can easily expand your RepRap printer, modify and adjust its operating parameters. Moreover, the elements you want to print on it, don’t have to be made of plastic. Even chocolate, sugar or solder paste can be your RepRap printer filament. The only limit is your imagination.

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