RepRap is the first self-replicating machine that has a wide range of applications and is very versatile. It comes in the form of an open space printer, on which we print objects made of plastic. It is a 3D printer that is perfect for the production of small plastic parts. It stands out from similar devices, which consist of a large number of small parts, very precisely matched to each other. This time we are dealing with a completely different version of the 3D printer without a built-in work chamber. It is distinguished by its enormous possibilities, which were not achieved with conventional 3D printers. It is used by constructors with high demands. Because of its ease of use, it is great for beginners. The RepRap 3D printer does not cause any constructional limitations. It can be used to make everything we can imagine and the project previously developed requires. In Botland's offer you will find a wide range of elements that you need to start your adventure with RepRap or upgrade your printing machine.

RepRap is not just an ordinary 3D printer. What is its phenomenon?

First of all, it was the first self-replicating printer to appear on the market, enabling three-dimensional printing. It was a breakthrough in printing that proved that there are no limits to the production of plastic parts using advanced technology and at the same time a relatively simple machine. Most of the printer's components are made of plastic, which means that they can also be printed. A very large feature of this project is its open source nature. It is created by users from all over the world, constantly improving, modifying and changing. Everyone can have an influence on its evolution, so can you, adapting it to your needs and expectations. Users build 3D printers themselves, rather than buying a finished product. This means that everyone has a chance to create a printing machine that best meets their needs. Most RepRap printing machines are made from easily accessible parts, including stepper motors, screws and bolts and Arduino modules. What's interesting is that the components for a 3D printer are printed on it. How does it work in practice? Having your own 3D RepRap printer you can print the elements necessary to build it for another user. All fans of 3D projects and advanced technology support each other. You too can benefit from the help of other 3D printer owners and create your own.

Build your own 3D printer

Currently, there are many 3D printers available on the market, but they do not allow for changes and modifications. We receive a ready-made project, which has already been designed and developed and we can use them only as the manufacturer permits. When it comes to 3D printers, RepRap is completely different. It is up to you to decide what your printing machine will ultimately look like and what its capabilities and functionality will be. In our offer you will find a wide range of accessories and add-ons, which will allow you to create a self-replicating machine, realizing all your assumptions and meeting your greatest expectations. Among the products available you will find optical limit sensors, LCD displays and hotplates. When upgrading your printer, you have an influence on its working parameters. You can freely change and upgrade them. Moreover, the elements that you will print on the printer do not necessarily have to be made of plastic, you have much more possibilities. You can use chocolate candies, flour, and even soldering paste as a filament. Everything depends on your ideas, design and final effect. You can experiment by rediscovering the potential of the RepRap printer.

Discover our range of RepRap 3D printer components and create your own. Don't let anything limit your imagination and creativity.