RepRap - a 3D Printer is an extremely useful tool, ideal for production of small plastic parts. Most 3D printers use various technical solutions that allow the Assembly of large objects with many small parts due to their precise alignment with them. However, quite important reason to say that a 3D printer needs to building of the working chamber - the RepRap is the actual proof that there are no restrictions in the design of such machines, and also opens up a new range of possibilities, unavailable with a conventional 3D printer.

What characterizes a unique RepRap?

RepRap is the first in the history of mankind samoreplikująca machine that enables printing three dimensional. Since most of the components of the RepRap is made of plastic and RepRap can also print them out. is the project Open source and is współtworzony many people around the World. The intention of the authors of the idea of the project was to create a user 3D printer instead of buying ready to work machine. Most of the RepRap 3D printers were developed using a variety of readily available parts such as bolts and screws, bearings, stepper motors, Arduino and other modules. The concept of RepRap suggests that mechanical components for manufacturing on it printed, get printed on the same printer. This means that if you are the owner of a RepRap, you can print parts for a RepRap for another person.

RepRap is an unusual 3D printer

Standard commercial 3D printers typically do not have the ability to make changes by the user. A RepRap due to the fact that the project is Open source, has such an opportunity. Since the creation of the RepRap project, there were also a number of accessories required for the manufacture samoreplikującej machines - among them available in the store Botland drivers with LCD displays, optical sensors, limit switches, or heating plates. The RepRap can be very easy to expand change and adjust its operating parameters. In addition, the objects that you want to print to it, should not be made of plastic. Filamentem on a RepRap might even be chocolate, sugar or soldering paste - all depending on Your imagination.