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Significant progress in power electronics has made that a constant current can be changed by different methods using semiconductor elements that find wide application in electric DC motors, which are more and more often we can meet for both Amateur and professional. Starting from the smallest drones, electric cars to giant construction cranes. In each of these devices to work properly we will need the corresponding engine control.


  • Motor drivers modules Motor drivers modules

    Electric motors, to connect them with the control system – for example, the programmable control unit PLC or industrial PC jednopłytkowym such as the Raspberry Pi require a motor driver. The modules are available in our store a wide variety of settings, in versions with two or...

  • Motor drivers HighPower Motor drivers HighPower

    There are many applications that require electric motors with high or very high power. Such systems also require drivers HighPower engines to properly control the operation of the driver. Such electric motors are used in devices such as large and medium sized lathes,...

  • Motor drivers - IP Motor drivers - IP

    There are many ways to control the operation of the electric motor. In many systems apply ready of the motors ' driver – ICS are very often their heart. Through the use of the joint solution of a system of this type is designed to be lighter and faster, so that new projects...


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What are the drivers for the DC motors and for what purpose they are used?

In the chain elektromaszynowych transmission, the driver of a DC motor is a device constituting an intermediate link between the control system and the power source and the motor. The control system is increasingly based on previously programmed the database and the task to transmit the corresponding control signals needed for proper engine operation, it is particularly important here that the signal of adjustable pulse width (PWM) that influences flowing through the motor, constant current, angle of its average value at certain time intervals, which leads to correct setting of the output power on the motor shaft and speed of rotation. Given that the majority of commercially available microcontroller has a limited output current to a few tens of milliamps, and the electric DC motors are characterized by the current consumption from a few to several tens of amperes requires the use of the system proxy, in the form of a special driver that solves the problem of adjusting the current feeding the motor.

Drivers high-power loads and large opportunities for cooperation with external equipment

On offer are Botland drivers DC motors can be used for engines with metal and plastic gear. In our assortment you will find the drivers in a wide range of voltages And operating currents with the needs of Your project. Most often, the engine control module of DC-based structurally on the bridge of the " H in the form of integrated circuits, or formulas, for MOSFET transistors, and its control through the interface involving the set of ports, inputs/outputs digital taking into account the signal generation pulse width modulation, so you can easily connect Your motor controller DC to complete the module that contains the MCU - also for these applications, you can buy special pads for Arduino, but there is also the possibility of the operation of the driver modules included with other platforms based on mikrokontrolerach, as drivers of General purpose engines. In addition, the store Botland available drivers DC motors that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi computers. In accordance with modern requirements in matters of cooperation between the systems peripheral devices offered by us drivers DC motors designed for data exchange via USB, UART, I2C, or TTL