The Intel brand is always associated with a high level architecture, high computing power for desktops and laptops. At a time when the electronics market, storm solutions, known as the Internet of things (IoT), Intel is not only not left behind the competition, but in many ways ahead of them, making their own miniature computers that, thanks to the extremely compact dimensions and excellent performance are ideal for use in various purposes. The popularity of this platform makes that all the time there are new additions and extensions that use modules Intel.


  • Modules and kits Intel Modules and kits Intel

    A few years ago, Intel joined the race of producers in the segment of Internet of things (IoT), introducing successively more complex modules Som. One of the most interesting is the Intel Edison – a computer that is the size of a postage stamp. However, in this model, Intel...

  • Starter kits with Intel Starter kits with Intel

    Modules mini-computer Intel for many people became the inspiration to create interesting projects. Emerging devices use a number of actuators and sensors that extend the capabilities of the tiles on the complex function of measurement or control. However, as is often the case...

  • The expansion and lining of Intel The expansion and lining of Intel

    Tiny computers Intel, is designed for advanced and niskomocowych IoT application, wait for an number of attractive, purpose-built platforms, landing that perfectly will help you get started with these great modules. In this category you will find developed specifically for...

  • Accessories for modules Intel Accessories for modules Intel

    Modules Intel IoT quickly won the hearts of many masters and professional builders. Offered them the enormous computing power of the Intel Atom processor, support graphics GPU Intel HD Graphics and a large memory and wide possibilities of wireless communication...


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Power giant in the mini size

Intel by entering your miniature computers designed for embedded systems, set primarily on the power and support of complex algorithmically generated tonal application. That is why miniature modules Intel Edison got a dual-core Intel Atom processor series used other, larger devices – popular netbooks, and energy-efficient laptops. Not much more Intel Joule was created with the idea of multitasking support in the complex management tasks Autonomous robots – hence the ability to support machine learning and navigation. For smaller application requirements, from the point of view of miniaturization, Intel decided to introduce the Intel Galileo Board which was a place on the most important extensions and connectors, interfaces (e.g. USB).

Additional modules

Due to the small size and the use of connectors with tight step, using modules of Intel is not possible without extra fees, which card or even an integrated base platform. Therefore, different manufacturers provide accessories and compatible extension that allows you to easily connect external devices to the modules of Intel. In our offer is found, so that the sets of plates increase the functionality of the modules, additional sensors and interfaces. Some platforms are great for collaboration also with other types of minicomputers – check out our range of modules Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard or BeagleBone and select the appropriate controller for your new project.

Accessories for modules Intel

Even with a modern tile with a powerful processor on Board, little can be done without additional accessories. Therefore, in this category we offer accessories such as the power supply plug, connecting sets of wires or strips of contact, perfectly facilitates prototyping. With appropriate lining with goldpin connectors and universal wires, you'll be able to connect your minikomputer with thousands of other modules, sensors, Executive or managers – limit can be only your imagination!